London Property Growth Projections Underline Market Sustainability

Finefair, the leading name for investment property in London, look forward to successful return levels over the next year

Market analysts have presented forecasts and projections for the London property market in 2017. An overview of the published reports shows that an overall growth of around 2% is anticipated. Finefair, the leading name for investment property in London, has said that the reports agree with their own expectations of the market remaining in positive territory.

The 2% growth figure predicted represents a lower level of return than has been experienced in recent years. Whilst there is some disappointment in respect of investment returns being lower it is crucial to focus on the fact that returns remain in positive figures. A number of well documented events and factors from 2016 were widely expected to have a negative impact on the market. Finefair have pointed out that growth is still being achieved despite this. In the view of Finefair, positive projections in the light of negative expectations underline the sustainable resilience of the London property market.

With lower growth figures anticipated it becomes all the more important for investors to concentrate on areas where a maximised level of return can be achieved. Finefair has made use of their extensive knowledge of the London property market to identify the key areas for investment. The two London Boroughs Finefair have highlighted in this respect are Bromley and Barnet. Demand for property in both of these areas is expected to be higher than supply. This will see stable growth being in place across the year ahead.

In respect of long term London property investments Finefair once again highlight the Royal Borough of Greenwich, in particular Woolwich. The expansion of commuter links to this area over the next decade is expected to see an exponential increase in demand for property. Developments such as the Elizabeth line connecting the Borough to the underground network are widely accepted as factors that stimulate substantial growth in property values.

Whilst lower growth figures being predicted is disappointing news, for Finefair the important factor is that growth is still being achieved. The strong and sustainable nature of the London investment property market is underlined by the fact that increased values are expected despite a number of setbacks during 2016. Finefair look forward to remaining as the name trusted by property investors in London for achieving success.


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Dec 21, 2016