London Property Managers Meet Demand For Buy To Let Investments

Finefair Include Sales In Their Portfolio of Guaranteed Rent And Property Management Services

With over a decade of success in the rental and leasing market behind them, Finefair Ltd are moving into the property sales market. Property rentals have always been sought after across London, but there has been a surge in demand for purchases. This demand has been driven by the rise in popularity of 'Buy To Let' investments as a viable alternative to traditional pension funds. Finefair are using their established name and network in the London property market to meet this demand.

Many experts and analysts believe that the London property market is slowing down, with some even saying that the "property bubble will burst" soon. Finefair, working in the London property market rather than just observing it, do not believe this is the case. Their outlook is that the market has reached an amicable balance between buyers and sellers rather than it being one side having an advantage. It is their expert view that now is the optimal time for both buyers and sellers to get the best and most beneficial deal from London properties.

The concept of 'Buy To Let' has added a new dimension to the London property market. Buyers are no longer limiting property searches to properties suitable for their living needs, but rather expanding to find ones that represent long term financial returns. Only a handful of cities across the world offer the assurity of returns that one finds in London. Finefair, London's leading company for Guaranteed Rent agreements and Council Leasing arrangements across the 21st Century, are in prime position to help would-be 'Buy To Let' investors find properties that meet their expectations.

Finefair's understanding of London properties and the market goes far beyond the knowledge available from Estate Agents. With their background in property management, the company holds an intrinsic knowledge of what is needed for a property to work either as a residential home or as a 'Buy To Let' investment. Finefair are specialists in making sure people find the property which is perfect for them, not simply the nearest thing to it. Whether purchasers have the ability to run a 'Buy To Let' property on their own or if they opt to enter into a Guaranteed Rent agreement to let Finefair manage this for them, investors can expect the healthy returns London properties are associated with.

As London is their area of expertise, Finefair are concentrating on the capital city exclusively at this time. This ensures that sellers and purchasers get the full benefit of their knowledge and experience in the market. With 'Buy To Let' rising in popularity nationwide, however, Finefair do not rule out expanding their services nationwide to meet growing demand.

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With several awards to their name, Finefair have become established as one of the leading, most trusted property companies in London. They presently manage a property portfolio valued over £500million, and are regarded as a preferred supply by the local a

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Aug 21, 2014