London Property Market Indicators All Point Towards Rental For Greater Gain

Finefair interpret the current capital city market as being most conducive to guaranteed rental income being optimised

Whilst the London property market remains as strong and as active as ever, the latest available data indicates that portfolio owners should at this stage be looking at generating income from rental and leasing rather thank looking to sell. Finefair, London's leading property experts, believe that the revenue realized by leasing - in particular via guaranteed rental agreements - is at this stage preferable and more appealing than the margins available from real estate sales.

Although the average price of property in London is holding steady, the actual increase in estimated values is not likely to tempt may holders or owners to sell. The outlook in the rental market, however, shows considerable growth. Figures released show a month on month growth of nearly 3% in rental values so far in 2015, with the year on year figures indicating a rental value growth of close to 14%. This increase in rental revenue has been stimulated by a year on year increase in the level of demand for rental properties in London by nearly 20%. This demand for rental property is significantly higher than the current levels of demand for property purchases in the capital city.

With over a decade of experience in every aspect of the London property market, Finefair are the company most trusted to give an accurate perspective on the present situation. It is their view that securing rental income is the most advisable approach for property portfolio owners at this stage. To meet the requirements of this, and to ensure that investors and owners gain the greatest returns, they offer a peerless performance in guaranteed rental agreements.

Finefair is regarded as the official guaranteed rent service provider in the city of London. They have strategic partnerships in place with the leading London Boroughs authorities, backed by a decade of experience in the field. This gives property owners the confidence of trust in their services, and allows them to enter into guaranteed rental agreements with them safe in the knowledge that they will deliver. As standard practice, Finefair offer guaranteed rental income irrespective of whether the property is occupied, make payments within 48 business hours of agreements coming into being and undertake to deliver comprehensive property management services.

Whether a London property portfolio contains one apartment, a series of addresses or even a block of flats, Finefair are the property experts with the track record for delivering world class management and maximum financial returns. They are the trusted name in London and are renowned for giving clients the advice, support and guidance which gives the greatest benefit and optimised results.

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Finefair are London's leading property management experts. With over a decade of service delivered they are the most trusted name in London property today.

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Mar 04, 2015