London Roller Shutters: Buy the Highest Quality Fire Curtains in London

London Roller Shutters specialize in manufacturing the highest quality and top-rated fire curtains in London that are tested, approved and certified to ensure an optimum level of safety.

Fire curtains or shutters are an effective way to ensure protection against the loss of life and structural damage in the event of a fire emergency. Are you planning to buy fire curtains in London for installing it at your property? London Roller Shutters supply top quality and well-designed fire curtains that can fit a bespoke design and provide the best fire safety solution. They are experts in supplying and installing fire curtains that are certified in accordance with 2005 Fire Safety order BS5588-12. As one of the UK leading manufacturers, they supply products with 100% guarantee on quality and price.

Perfect Solution to Meet Fire Safety Standards:

The fire curtains from London Roller Shutters are stringently tested and are installed by professional and highly experienced technicians to ensure the best protection against any kind of unexpected fire incident at your property. These fire curtains meet a high standard of specification having gone under fire endurance testing. Protect your commercial and industrial premises by buying and installing top quality fire curtains in your domestic or commercial premises. Designed and manufactured with cutting-edge technology and materials, fire curtains from London Roller Shutters act as an effective barrier against fire.

Best Value Fire Curtains at a Low Price:

At London Roller Shutters, you can buy high-quality fire curtains and enjoy a professional installation service that will save your time and money. You can conveniently integrate their fire curtains as a part of your fire control system at your property in London to enjoy the best protection (as it helps in restricting the lateral spread of fire and gas). Fire curtains save lives and prove to be an essential safety element. They can suitably custom build your fire curtains as per your requirement and specification. Their fire curtains have an automatic operation, offer support for servery and hatches and have an operating speed of approximately 75mm per second.

A few lines from London Roller Shutters: ”Our high quality and well-designed fire curtains in London can effectively restrict the lateral spread of fire and lethal smoke or poisonous gases in the event of a fire. To get the best solution and protection for your property in London, you can buy and install our fire curtains that can be suitably customized as per your needs and specifications. Our best quality fire curtains are available in wide spans and can be easily face fixed, suspended or soffit fixed. Tough and resilient in nature, our fire curtains are slim, lightweight and normally fitted within one working day..”



About London Roller Shutters:

London Roller Shutters is a trustworthy, reputable manufacturer, distributer and installer in London, UK. They serve the UK industrial, commercial and residential property owners by providing top quality roller shutters, high-speed doors, insulated industrial doors, retractable gates, fire shutters and smoke or fire curtains in London. They specialise in manufacturing and installing the best products that prove to be value for money.

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Established in 1994, London Roller Shutters is a premier roller shutter manufacturer and installer across London. We have own skilled craftsmen who make roller shutters in our own state-of-the-art factory.

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Sep 21, 2017