Looking Towards The 2015 London Property Market

Leading property group Finefair have presented their expert analysis of the year ahead in the capital city.

Whilst the New Year was seen in with a fantastic firework display in the capital city, very few analysts are expecting the housing market to be quite as explosive throughout 2015. London property specialists Finefair believe that the current market conditions reflect a somewhat rare level of balance, with the supply or property all but equalling the levels of demand. Whereas this less volatile nature in the market makes for amicable business conditions between buyers and sellers, it does make for something of a shortfall for property investors. Finefair are of the view that London property investors will, to a higher level than ever before, be seeking returns on investment via the leasing and rental market.

Speaking on behalf of Finefair, highly regarded market expert Jay highlighted the main reason why London owners should hold on to their existing property portfolio during 2015. This reason is the unusual uncertainty over the likely outcome of the General Election, due to be held in May of this year. With the possible result of the election being too close to call, no one is sure about if for the second half of 2015 the new changes to stamp duty brought in by the Conservatives will remain, or if it will be replaced by a new form of 'Mansion Tax' should the Labour Party win and form a new Government. As both scenarios would have significant implications for the market - ones that might not be felt until early 2016 - maximising income from existing property is the most assured way forward.

The market at the moment reflects agreement with the view of Finefair. The rental and leasing market are seen as being the most equitable, giving benefit to all in these stable yet uncertain times. When it comes to ensuring these equitable results remain, Finefair have for over a decade been seen as the market leaders for delivering the best returns. The pioneering guaranteed rent agreements which Finefair has brought to London have proved to be the most assured way of securing optimal financial returns on property investments. This is shown in the endorsement Finefair has from local authorities across the London Boroughs for their guaranteed rent and council leasing agreements.

That rental returns are the best options for London investors at the moment does not mean Finefair are saying people should entirely back away from the property acquisition market. The 16% growth reported in London property values over the course of 2014 shows that the buying and selling market does remain as healthy as ever. There are many attractive and good deals still to be had in the London property market. Investors seeking the best properties to add to their portfolio know that Finefair are the organization to trust for assistance in getting the best deal possible.

The early indications are that 2015 can and will be a prosperous year for London property investors, so long as they focus on a careful and cautious approach. Finefair are the trusted name across the capital city for the assured delivery of maximised returns in an uncertain market.

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Finefair are the leading property company in London. They are the trusted and respected name in the capital city, and have the backing of local authorities across the Boroughs.

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Jan 02, 2015