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LA Speech Therapy Solutions is a dedicated team of Speech Language Pathologists who provide the highest level of service in voice and stuttering therapy to children and adults.

A service provider for Lanterman Regional Center, My Speech and Language Solutions Los Angeles implements theory-based and innovative approaches to intervention in order to make therapy as effective and functional as possible. With founder Cassi Alter, MA-CCC at the helm, the team providing My Speech and Language Solutions Los Angeles has more than twenty years of clinical experience and specializes in providing affordable and effective articulation therapy.

Substantially experienced in an extensive range of disorders and speech delays, My Speech and Language Solutions Los Angeles is a leader of early intervention in children with developmental delays or disabilities. Experts in developmental diagnosis, LA Speech has successfully treated elementary articulation problems. Emphasizing restoration of cognitive, communication, and social/emotional skills, comprehensive treatment plans include therapy, research, and family training. Because LA Speech is aware of the emotional and cognitive well-being needs of each and every client and their family, the team works together with parents to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the child.

My Speech and Language Solutions Los Angeles tailors therapy plans to each specific child and individual. If your child is finding difficulty with his/her speech and is stuttering, My Speech and Language Solutions Los Angeles team can assist you and your family. The team has also successfully treated adults in speech and language therapy and has consulted for music videos and television projects to assess and improve the speech of performers.

About LA Speech Therapy Solutions

LA Speech Therapy Solutions are a highly experienced team of speech language pathologists in a range of speech and language disorders. If you are searching for My Speech and Language Solutions Los Angeles to assist you or your family, please contact LA Speech Therapy Solutions for their services. Visit their website at http://www.laspeechtherapysolutions.com (1-323-522-6071).

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Nov 14, 2016