Louvre Shutters - Great Way To Decorate Your Windows

These panels are made from a variety of materials including aluminium, fabric, glass, timber (including bamboo).

Apollo Blinds offers highly innovative Louvre shutter systems for traditional as well as modern building designs. Our louvre shutter systems has a wide range of uses ranging from acting as a screen from the prying eyes of passers by and neighbours to providing sun protection and regulate the indoor climate and even save on electricity. More over, Louvre shutter from Apollo blinds comes in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes.

If you haven't yet used a window shutter or are not quite sure how it differs from traditional window blinds, a Louvre shutter is a solid wooden frame with vertical slates and horizontal rails (top, centre and bottom). Within this frame are panels which are either fixed or operable – can be opened or closed. These panels are made from a variety of materials including aluminium, fabric, glass, timber (including bamboo).

Initially, a Louvre shutter was designed to protect castles from arrows fired at castles. The panels were slanted downwards so residents of the castle could look out but attackers of the castle could neither look inside nor fire arrows into the castle or palace. Overtime, this innovative design underwent changes.

Today the Louvre shutter panels are usually operable via a lever or cord or may even be motorised and remotely controlled. When shut, the panels almost completely prevent entry of light into the room. The panels can be shut or opened to various degrees thereby effectively controlling the amount of light entering the room. Because the panels are slanted, a partly opened Louvre shutter allows light to enter the room but not sunlight itself. The room therefore is lit up without the heat from the sun's rays. This helps keep the room relatively cool and helps you cut air conditioning costs. A partially open louvre shutter also prevents passers by and neighbours from looking into the house.

Apollo Blinds (17 locations in Australia), offers modern Plantation Shutters Dandenong with options in material, size, design and colour. This fantastic combination enables the buyer to perfectly match the Louvre shutters with the window and the house it definitely is a great way to decorate your windows and your house.

Plantation Shutters Cranbourne can also be fitted to doors. When fitted to doors within the house, it provides privacy but at the same time, enables ventilation. If Louvre shutters are made for doors, they can be custom made in timber or even faux wood and the colour made to match your doors as required. Apart from custom ordering your requirement for doors with Louvre shutters, ready-made doors with pre-fitted Louvre shutters are also available.

Apollo Blinds is one of Australia's largest stockist of Louvre shutters and you are guaranteed to find the perfect match to decorate your windows and doors. You can also visit them at:  http://apolloblinds.com.au

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Jul 18, 2016