Macrosoft Has Completed The Sale Of Its RoD Products To ARCOS

We’re Excited To Announce The Sale Of Our Utilities Practice Including Our Software Products – Resources On Demand (RoD) And Outage Central – To Our Longtime Technology Partner ARCOS!

We’re Excited To Announce The Sale Of Our Utilities Practice Including Our Software Products – Resources On Demand (RoD) And Outage Central – To Our Longtime Technology Partner ARCOS!


As many in the electric power utility industry know, for over a decade, Macrosoft has been a very strong and active partner in supporting the automation of storm restoration services. We’ve developed a series of state-of-the-art products and services, highlighted by Resources on Demand (RoD), that many of the largest electric utility companies across the United States rely on during major storm events.


During these years we have worked with ARCOS in a number of our product implementations, with ARCOS providing the callout systems which RoD interfaces with. Now our two companies have decided to join forces, with ARCOS purchasing, and planning to optimally integrate into their suite of services: RoD and Outage Central.


Along with this technology sale, we are happy to report that Jason Singer, director of Macrosoft’s Utility Practice, will transfer to ARCOS to become Director of Resource Management Services. And Tenzeel Fayyaz will also transfer to ARCOS to become Lead Senior Software Engineer. We at Macrosoft will continue to work with Jason and Tenzeel and all of ARCOS to ensure a smooth transition of technology and know-how over the next 18-months, and long afterwards, as Macrosoft’s international development teams, led by M. Naeem Khan, will become a key supplier to ARCOS. We know that with this arrangement our long-time utility clients will be well taken care of, which is of paramount importance to all of us at Macrosoft.


Divesting the utility portion of our business will enable Macrosoft to focus on our core emerging technologies and services: Cloud Enablement and Enhancement, Legacy Migrations, Cognitive & Predictive Systems, Big Data Processing & Analytics, and Large-Scale Enterprise Development for the Healthcare and Technology Sectors. And, across all of these technology areas, we will continue to provide technology support to our clients through our High-Tech placement organization. We view these as critical to our clients as the tsunami of technology change continues to sweep across the globe.


1 Note that Macrosoft’s products, Assessments-on-Demand and Mine-Weather, are not part of the sale.


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Jul 25, 2017