Magento becomes revolutionary platform for eCommerce business

For e-commerce businesses, Magento has been the most beneficial factor in the success of providing the best user experience.

For e-commerce businesses, Magento has been the most beneficial factor in the success of providing the best user experience.

The Internet has changed from daily routines of people to the way companies do business and day-by-day its advantages are increasing at a double speed. In this, e-commerce is just another milestone in the world of internet that has changed the way of people's shopping style.

There has been an enormous increase in the number of Magento development companies in the past 5 years. Many famous brands like Watches of Switzerland, Pepe Jeans, and Bulgari are a few of its users. Because of its scalability, upgradeability, modularity, and flexibility, Magento is adapted by many e-commerce platforms.

Magento offers great features that every e-commerce business would need to showcase their products, online transactions, customer service, and operate the backend process efficiently. Magento EE (Enterprise Edition) is one of the leading CMS for e-commerce platform markets with almost 9% of huge e-commerce businesses using it. Currently, there are 2 kinds of Magento platforms available:

1. Magento Community - It is free open-source e-commerce platform for small businesses and developers.

2. Magento Enterprise - It is a highly useful platform for medium to large businesses by creating unique and engaging shopping experiences.

E-commerce businesses come in different shapes and sizes that's why one size doesn't fit all. What works for a software developer may not work for a retailer. Likewise, the size and range of operations, support & maintenance, needs, etc. pose various hurdles in the e-commerce world and for a Magento development company to overcome these challenges is no less than a world war.

Being a free, open-source platform, Magento is extremely customizable and modular. With more than 40% of today's internet users expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, there is a need for businesses to adapt such powerful platforms like Magento. Because if the website takes longer than that to load then there are more chances for businesses to lose one potential customer as every consumer that simply leaves without purchasing is kind of a dent in business's overall conversion rate.

One more thing that comes businesses way is SEO. Everybody's familiar with how essential it is to make websites as SEO friendly as possible. Magento greatly saves the development problem of building SEO optimized URLs, sitemaps, meta tags, and much more. The source code of Magento comes with all these features built in that ultimately saves company's precious time while on the other end ensuring that the website is SEO friendly.

Some of the key Magento e-commerce features:

- Inventory Management
- Newsletters
- Built-in cross sell & upsell capabilities
- User Dashboards

There are a lot of companies that provide Magento eCommerce services that help businesses in managing their online brand presence. Other e-commerce platforms are also open-source or otherwise but those allow businesses to have only one store on one system. While Magento lets businesses run multiple sites on one common back end system. Right from having precisely various layouts and designs with their stores to different domains for each site, businesses can manage all of them simultaneously through one consolidated admin panel using Magento. And this is a gift for e-commerce businesses that run in multiple niche categories. For more details visit at


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Dec 17, 2016