Maintaining The Highest Standards In Memorial Creation And Fitting

UK Memorial Service ensure their work is designed and fitted to withstand harsh and adverse weather conditions

UK Memorial Service wish to assure their valued clients that the headstones, gravestones, ledgers and kerb sets they have created and fitted are designed to withstand conditions such as the severe weather storms experienced of late. By ensuring a strict adherence to the requirements of British Standards as a minimum for quality control the memorials they have designed, created, fixed and placed have been done so in a manner that is mindful of the UK climate and seeks to be as protective as possible against it.

The headstones created and placed by UK Memorial Service are fixed with a polished concrete foundation. This work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of British Standards BS 8500, with particular emphasis on the regulations regarding designed concrete fittings. In doing this, UK Memorial Service ensures that all memorials they place have the dignified, enduring appearance wished for. Further to this, the approach gives the bereaved the comfort and confidence of knowing that memorials commissioned and placed for lost loved ones will stand as intended, irrespective of climate or weather conditions.

Great care and consideration is always at the forefront of the work UK Memorial Service carry out. The selection of granite and marble for memorials is no exception to this. Only the finest grades of stone are selected, which allows for the dedicated and accredited team of memorial masons to create headstones designed to stand for many years with low to no maintenance requirements. In support of this, all memorials are hand carved rather than sand blasted. This delivers the dual benefit of ensuring each memorial is unique in creation and avoids any unnecessary weakening of the marble or granite used to create it.

The unique fixing system used by UK Memorial Service has been approved by NAMM, the National Association of Memorial Masons. To give further assurance of standing safely and correctly, UK Memorial Service also - as a standard - give a 10 year installation guarantee to all of the fixings they conduct. These factors are important to the company as they underline their commitment to the motto "Memorials of Excellence".

Over the course of the last few months a significant number of headstones, gravestones and other forms of memorials have been either damaged or knocked over by the adverse weather conditions. The work carried out by UK Memorial Service is conducted in a way that takes every possible measure available to ensure that such an unfortunate occurrence does not affect the memorials they create.

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UK Memorial Service are the most trusted name in the nation for headstones, gravestones, kerb sets and cremation memorials. All of their work is BRAMM and NAMM accredited, and comes with the full backing of a ten year guarantee.

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Jan 15, 2016