Make Secure Data Deletion Easy with Active@ KillDisk

LSoft Technologies has just launched a new edition to its popular data deletion software, the powerful Active@ KillDisk. The new edition supports more file systems and provides many other important improvements.

LSoft Technologies is proud to announce the launch of version 10.2 of its popular data erasure software Active@ KillDisk. The new version of the industry-leading data deletion solution provides support for new file systems, including Linux/Unix XFS and JFS. It also provides numerous minor bug fixes and usability improvements making it easier than ever for both professionals and amateurs alike to use. Other new features include added support for the Australian ISM-6.2.92 erasure method and the added ability to store logs, reports and certificates and removable storage devices such as USB flash drives and hard disks.

Why Active@ KillDisk?

If you are planning to donate or sell your old computer or any other device that stores digital data, then you`ll probably want to make sure that your old files don`t end up in the wrong hands. From saved passwords to internet history to personal files and folders, everything remains hidden on a hard disc until something else overwrites it. With the right software, whoever ends up with your old computer may be able to access that content. Active@ KillDisk makes sure that won`t be possible. Effectively, it`s the digital analog to a paper shredder, but this one meets a range of internationally recognized data security standards to give you some extra peace of mind.

If you want to be confident knowing that your old and obsolete data is safely gone for good, visit today. You can purchase and download the software right away, creating your own bootable media to completely wipe everything on your hard drive.

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Jul 24, 2017