Making The Choice Between Marble And Granite For Memorials

UK Memorial Service provide expert guidance and advice in respect of selecting the best stone to create memorials from

The predominant forms of stone used to create memorials from are granite and marble. Both allow for the creation of a fitting memorial and carry with them the sought after assurance that they shall be strong enough to stand for many years. Whilst a personal preference can be the most significant factor in determining which type of stone is used, there can often be a compelling reason why one would select one over the other. UK Memorial Service, who for many years have been trusted by communities for the creation of headstones, always seek to ensure that those making the choice understand the key differences.

UK Memorial Service makes use of only the finest grades of stone available in order to ensure both quality and longevity. In respect of longevity, it is important to understand how the natural strength of the stone will hold up within the environment in which the memorial will be placed. Whilst granite and marble are both strong, there are certain locations across the nation where a combination of the usual weather conditions and the natural environment make using one preferable to the other.

For many years the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness has been trusted to understand the scratch resistance of various different materials. The highest rating possible in the system is 10, which means that the mineral or material has a very strong resistance. Normally 10 would be reserved for diamonds only. With this as a reference, in general terms on the Mohs Scale marble is normally rated between 2 and 4, whereas granite would usually be rated between 5 and 7.

The rating difference between granite and marble means that caution must be exercised when marble is selected. Whilst marble memorials, whether in terms of a headstone or another form, will remain strong and stand for many years, it is important to be aware of the fact that they are more likely to be damaged than ones made from granite.

As part of the comprehensive and compassionate services provided, UK Memorial Service would always discuss the concerns about using marble instead of granite. Whilst marble can be used successfully in most locations across the nation, there are certain areas where the setting and the climate could lead to damage. UK Memorial Service has comprehensive knowledge of all burial sites across the country, and will always provide information about whether or not marble should be selected.

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Sep 12, 2016