Malaysia tourism strategy 2017

Sustainable tourism reduces the negative effects from the development of the tourism of the country. The sustainability in the tourism development of Malaysia introduces some guidelines and principles to protect the environment.

The environment is the factor that gets affected by the tourists then sustainable tourism focuses on the environment aspect of the tourism and promotes and endorses the eco-friendly vacation or holiday in Malaysia.

As the numbers of the tourist came to Malaysia is higher than any other country then the government of Malaysia has to put extra efforts to save the environment of the country. The Malaysian government has introduced some rules and regulations to protect the environment with the tourist and also took care of the fact that the freedom of the tourist is not got affected. There are some act also has been introduced by the government of Malaysia which are given below:

Wild life law: Malaysian wild life law introduced some regulations for the interactions of the wild life of Malaysia and also introduced the law for season hunting.

Aboriginal peoples act: this act explains a definite impact on the ecotourism. This also explains the rules for the development of tourism while conflicts occur between the localities of Malaysia.

Prevent/hinder sustainable tourism development

Sustainability in tourism is an issue for the Malaysian government as it is a factor that is handled by the government to some extent only.  The government cannot have control on it all the time. The factors that may hinder sustainable tourism development in Malaysia are as follows:

*             The most important factor is the economy of the country as known tourism industry of Malaysia is the most important source that stables the economy. So the Malaysian government looks the stability of economy over the sustainability of tourism.

*             Sustainability of tourism promotes only the new and developing stakeholders of tourism. It doesn't focus on the developed tourism accommodations.

*             The concept of sustainable tourism is new so most of the stakeholders are not aware of this. So the lack of awareness is also a factor that prevents sustainable tourism development.

Analyse different stages in planning in sustainability.

The different stages in planning in sustainability are given below:

·         Study recognition: identify the demand for the tourist destination in Malaysia with the help of the tourist arrives in Malaysia for the tourism purpose only.

·         Setting objective: next step is to develop an objective for the tourism by reviewing the available resources of the Malaysia.

·         Survey of the data: collect the information from the survey that can make the tourism successful in Malaysia.

·         Implementation of the survey: implement the result of the information collected in survey especially on the population of the Malaysia.

·         Analyze the primary data and secondary data: this step is related to analyze and fetch the information that is already available with the help of book, magazines and internet etc for the sustainable tourism assignment help.

·         Formulation of plan: formulate the plan and the policies according to the information derived from survey, books and magazines etc.

·         Recommendations: Provides recommendation at the end of process if any.

·         Implementation: implementation of the policies and plans in the tourism industry.


·         Monitoring: Monitoring includes reviewing the whole process again and again and makes changes accordingly.

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May 31, 2017