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Finefair believes that the current market conditions mean leasing rather than selling property is the best means of success Press Release, 04, August 2015 - Whilst the recently released figures for London property dealings show both a month on month and quarter to quarter increase, the real term year to year comparison is quite different. Between June 2014 and June 2015 the actual sales figures have fallen by close to a third across the capital city. This long term slow down in sales should not be taken as an indication of a general decline in the property market. It does mean, however, that London property owners need to consider how best to attain a return on their investment. Finefair, London's leading property professionals, believe that the market conditions all indicate that entering the leasing market is the best way to secure returns.

The overall fall in property sales has been matched by a substantial rise in the number of people seeking properties to rent in London. The net consequence of this is that whilst property values in the capital city have over the last year either stayed flat or slightly decreased, rental income has increased between 3% and 17% across the London Boroughs. With this in mind, the market is clearly and naturally leading owners to explore leasing opportunities rather than make the move to sell properties at this time.

At present the main contributing factor to the increase in rental demand and the fall in property sales has been widely attributed to the changes in Stamp Duty legislation. The market is still, only a few months after the changes, unsure of what effect the new way of calculating Stamp Duty will have on property valuations. As the tenant and landlord relationship is unaffected by Stamp Duty, it's understandable that both are presently drawn to the London rental market.

Entering the leasing and property rental market is not as straightforward as the numbers which make it such an attractive idea. The increase in demand for property to rent has been met with an increase in the supply of properties for this. This means a far greater level of competition for properties than existed a year ago. For the property owner this can mean needing to spend far more time and resources than they might have available to find, check and enter into an agreement with suitable tenants. Appointing property managers, and entering into a guaranteed rent agreement, are a viable and successful way of avoiding this time and expense.

Finefair are widely regarded at the superior choice for providing both of these services to London property owners. For over a decade they have been the preferred supplier of services to the majority of the authorities serving the London Boroughs which underlines their most trusted status. In their hands, property portfolios are professionally managed to ensure that they are both impeccably maintained and generate the maximum level of income possible. London property shall always be of value and in demand. It is only how best to gain the greatest yield from that value which changes periodically.

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