Mary Morrissey Announces DreamBuilder Weekend in September

Another long-awaited DreamBuilder Coach Training weekend is scheduled for Sept 12 to 14, 2014.

Mary Morrissey’s DreamBuilder Coaching Trainings have become the stuff of legends for the many people she has helped to live a life they love living. Now, Mary Morrissey is preparing for a new DreamBuilder Coaches Training scheduled for Sept 12 – 14th , 2014.As seen on the web at , Mary Morrissey offers life coaching training and tips to those who want to build a coaching business.

She is the founder of the DreamBuilder Program as seen at and LifeSOULutions as seen at and posts regular blogs on her website at

Thousands of people have taken her advice and used it to enhance their business and personal lives by tapping into their own inner power.

Now, Mary Morrissey and her expert team will offer a DreamBuilder Coaches weekend for those who are interested in learning the deeper secrets of expanding their knowledge and building a successful life-coaching business. While a lot of training is completed online, DreamBuilder Coaches are certified during this weekend and given additional tools and the deeper knowledge of the secrets Mary has learned in her years of successful coaching.

Space is very limited, so visit their website as seen at to learn if being a DreamBuilder Coach is the right thing for you!

About Mary Morrissey:

Mary Morrissey is a spiritual life coach who is the founder of Life Mastery Institute and LifeSOULutions That Work!, as well as The DreamBuilder Program. Through her teaching, she has reached thousands of people throughout the world and helped them achieve their dream lives.

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Mary Morrissey
Life Mastery Institute
PO Box 360269
Simi Valley, CA United States 93063
(866) 405-6999

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Another long-awaited DreamBuilder Coach Training weekend is scheduled for Sept 12 to 14, 2014.

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Life Mastery Institute

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Phone : (866) 405-6999
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Sep 15, 2014

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