Media Freeware Launches XML Viewer

Creates a convenient option for software professionals

Media Freeware recently unveiled the XML Viewer app, which lets users view, edit, save and print XML files without any difficulty.Many software professionals all over the world have to work with XML files on a regular basis. They have to read and edit them for the tasks at hand while in several cases they’d have to be printed as well. The task can be quite time consuming, which is something all busy professionals want to avoid.

Now they can do just that with the XML Viewer, which has been designed for this specific task. To begin with, the app is completely free and there are no hidden charges here. Thus users know that they are saving themselves money while getting an app that can be invaluable to them.

When they download the app they also know that they are getting complete convenience right from the word go. The download gets completed in a matter of minutes and the lightweight app works with all versions of Windows OS. The user interface is another advantage because it is very simple to get a hang of, even for beginners.

To get started, one simply has to drag the XML files onto the interface and access them quite quickly. Users will be pleased to find that the quality of content is not compromised on at any point. All the functions can be found on the main menu, which keeps things easier for users.

With a single click, users can accomplish anything from editing files to cutting, copying, pasting and deleting. Once the changes have been made, the files can be saved and printed quickly.

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It is an app that lets software professionals work with XML files quickly and efficiently.

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Creates a convenient option for software professionals

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Sep 05, 2014

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