Men's Rings by Eddy - Ushering in an Era of Affordable Wedding Rings

Mens Rings By Eddy today announced the launch of its new range of contemporary Men's Wedding Rings.

Mens Rings By Eddy today announced the launch of its new range of contemporary Men's Wedding Rings. Men's Rings by Eddy is an initiative by Jeweller Edmund (Eddy) Hodder to bring stylish contemporary design and refined elegance literally into the hands of grooms and married men at affordable prices.

It can be to challenge to balance costs while attempting to plan a memorable wedding event for family and friends. The wedding ring is the centrepiece of the ceremony and the eternal symbol of the commitment between two individuals - no groom should have to compromise between the best wedding ring design and the best wedding ceremony.

The Men’s Rings by Eddy range allows you to have the best of both worlds. Through his extensive experience in the jewellery design industry, Eddy has developed a unique procurement process that allows him to offer the same popular designs and high quality material for just a quarter of the prices of other jewellers.

Mens Rings ByEddys'sco- owner, Jamie Pugh said, “We are pleased to be a part of Eddy's vision to bring high quality men’s wedding rings within the reach of the average man. His imaginative combination of innovative flair with traditional lines has manifested in a stunning range that Eddy’s is proud to be associated with.

“In recent years, tungsten rings and titanium rings have garnered a faithful following among men both for their sober look and their strength. Unlike the traditional gold, silver or platinum rings that were commonplace before, these newer ring materials exude a masculinity with which men are more comfortable. As a result, they are more likely to keep them on.

“I have no doubt that Eddy’s designs will resonate with the average groom. He has a good sense of what people want from their accessories and his work reflects this. It is for this reason that he has been so successful in the past. We are excited to partner with Eddy in bringing his amazing new range to the international market.”

Jamie is himself a veteran of the jewellery design and distribution industry. He has seen the gradual but unmistakable rise in popularity of tungsten rings and titanium rings among men, particularly in the past decade. A large part of this popularity is due to their hardness, especially when compared to gold and silver.

Eddy says the hardness is part of what drew him to design this new range, “Clients have always complained that they have had to remove their gold, silver and platinum wedding bands before engaging in sport or vigorous activity. Many complain that even everyday wear results in tiny marks and scratches, diminishing the lustre of the ring and its aesthetics.

“Titanium and tungsten wedding rings are hardy enough to endure virtually any ordinary environment without sustaining a scratch. With my new range of rings, you can do that for a quarter of what you would spend at other jewellers.

“Price is hardly the main concern, however. When you make a commitment to wear a wedding ring, you do so for life. The Men’s Rings by Eddy range allows you to do exactly that because they are made of titanium and tungsten.”

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Nov 05, 2016