Michael Durrow Announces His Candidacy for Portland OR, City Council Position 4

Community Activist enters race with a mandate to bring real and effective changes to the people

Press Release : Portland, OR. 10th September 2015. – Although Michael was born elsewhere, he is of a family with deep personal and family ties going back to the WWII/Vanport Era. influx. Michael started in Jefferson High-School, and has himself spent all of his adult life living and working in Portland City proper. It is with great pride and a sincere fondness for the city and her people, Michael Durrow announces his decision to run for the Portland, Oregon city Council position 4. Michael enters the race on the platform to bring more transparency, responsiveness and accountability to a city government where Portland government decisions no longer seem to reflect the will of her people.

Michael Durrow believes in a progressive government that cares about its citizens and doing what is right for society. He understands the responsibility of public service, the fact that public officials serve the people, and that this fact be made clear to ALL public employees, including the police.

The product of an interracial marriage during the Civil Rights era, the politics surrounding race and civil-rights has been front-most in Michael’s experiences. But he has seen men and women of every stripe and color mistreated for economic and social reasons throughout his life.

“Portland City Hall has long been out of touch,” said Micheal Durrow, the city council candidate. “Ordinary people are being nickel and dimed out of their home and it doesn't have to be so . Portland was never intended to be San Francisco North. I'm running to make City Hall responsive to the needs the little people and the environment of Portland,” he continued.

Upon his election into office, Mr. Durrow plans to lead a focus on bringing transparency to City Hall instead of decisions being made behind closed doors. There needs to be an effort to save money that can be used in efforts to create more middle and low-income inclusionary housing. Michael is passionate about making Portland a better place to live for everyone, no matter what his or her station in society. He wants to see veterans and elders being better cared for as well as having a progressive tax structure and equitable distribution of burdens and benefits.

Michael is driven to use public policy as a means to improve the lives of those working and living in disadvantaged communities. He wants to work toward providing a ladder out of homelessness and poverty. He sees the importance of making use of undeveloped human potential, providing the necessary means for all manner of citizens to excel for the betterment of society as a whole.

MIcheal W. Durrow has a lifetime of experiences, proving his acumen to affect real change in his “run for justice.” To learn more about Michael Durrow, and how to support his candidacy for the Portland Oregon, City Council, please visit http://www.michaeldurrow.org/

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Sep 08, 2015