Michael Sherfick Earns Critical Acclaim for Duratech

Michael Sherfick earns critical acclaim for Duratech TCON Peltier thermoelectric sample tempering units paired with the ASP960 Bulk Sample Automation.

Michael Sherfick, a reputable businessman who has started various companies and brought them to success, earns critical acclaim for Duratech TCON Peltier thermoelectric sample tempering units paired with the ASP960 Bulk Sample Automation. Michael is currently the President and CEO of Duratech, as well as the companies The Easy Strap, 3% Holdings, and Fast Track Technologies LLC.

“Because of the quality and versatility of both the TCON Peltier thermoelectric sample heating and cooling units and ASP960 Bulk Sample Automation, I have successfully been able to place these Duratech products within every industry and arena imaginable with full confidence in their capabilities to perform the critical automated bulk sample tempering measurement demands placed upon them,” says George Eakin of MR NMR, an independent representative for Permanent Magnet Time-Domain and FT-NMR instruments, Peltier heating/cooling sample tempering units, bulk sample automation, and multi-variate process data analysis software.

These products are perfect for a wide variety of uses, including oil refining, chocolate manufacturing, polymers, downstream plastics, jet fuel and many more. They have proven themselves as the “products of choice” for businesses in need of critically precise and accurate bulk heating and cooling sample needs.

Duratech is renowned for providing reliable and accurate industrial controls and equipment. It was established in 1984 to provide custom electronics and engineering services to industrial clients. Since then, it has become internationally recognized as a provider of quality instruments, controls and subsystems to various industries. Their goal is to deliver world-class engineering and manufacturing services to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and end users. To continuously make this happen, the company will keep designing and manufacturing new products that meet or exceed their clients’ expectations, and assist with the enhancement, redesign or cost reduction of existing systems.

After establishing Fast Track Technologies in 2009, Michael purchased Duratech Industrial Controls under the operations of Fast Track Technologies. Under Michael’s leadership, Duratech has earned a positive reputation on a global scale by manufacturing products at the highest level of quality and performance possible. Since 2014, he has successfully increased Duratech’s sales and even increased research and development with modifications to the current products manufactured and sold through Duratech by Fast Track Technologies. Duratech has also recently launched their new website and has relocated to their new facilities at 126 W Carmel Dr in Carmel Indiana.

“Michael Sherfick and Duratech have blazed the trail in regards to the quality and performance of these specific products,” adds George.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00093633-michael-sherfick-earns-critical-acclaim-for-duratech.html

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Nov 07, 2016