Miller Chiropractic Life Center In Waterford Puts A New Twist On Chiropractic Care

Miller Chiropractic Life Center offers a menu of natural and non-invasive choices for improved health and wellness. With more than three decades of practice in the area, the center has built a well-deserved reputation for care provision.

Waterford MI, 21-JULY-2014 - Miller Chiropractic Life Center and Dr. Larry Miller DC, are pleased to announce that the philosophy and practices of chiropractics are significantly different from those of traditional medical practices. The approach of the Waterford MI Chiropractor is to look at the body as an interlocking set of systems, each part of which affects the other parts. A second principle is to encourage the body to heal itself.

Dr. Miller DC, explained more about the philosophy in a recent interview, "We do not cover up the symptoms with painkillers or chemical concoctions. Instead, the chiropractic approach is to identify the underlying cause of the symptoms and to define the measures that will address the cause. Our emphasis is on wellness, rather than illness."

He continues, "At the Miller Chiropractic Life Center, we take great pride in providing a comprehensive, 'whole-person approach' to health and wellness. We treat a wide range of patients who either want relief from painful and uncomfortable symptoms and ailments, or need preventative care to keep minor problems from growing into major ones. The end result is that you find the relief you need and save your precious time and money in the process."

The Waterford chiropractic office was founded in 1980 and has 34 years of experience in the in-demand field of chiropractic. The unique value is simple. The practice offers non-invasive, natural care that focus on a comprehensive partnership for long-term health. They do not believe in quick, short-term fixes that only address the symptoms but do nothing for the underlying conditions.


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Jul 22, 2014

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