Mini Cranes Available At HTS Direct, LLC

HTS Direct, LLC ( is proud to inform everyone that they are selling durable and efficient mini cranes.

HTS Direct, LLC ( is proud to inform everyone that they are selling durable and efficient mini cranes.


HTS Direct, LLC is offering three mini crane designs: the Mobile Crane Minidrel B-Series, the GIA-Series Mini Crane, and the GB-Series Mini Crane. All of these mini cranes are suitable for both civil and industrial environments.


The Mobile Crane Minidrel B-Series is HTS Direct, LLC’s most powerful mini crane, with a lifting capacity of up to 25 tons. This mini crane has a patented kinematics system, allowing it to carry different loads and reach heights that are previously impossible. It is also easy to handle because it is equipped with hydraulic controls and a boom that is capable of an 180-degree rotation. Each wheel of this mini crane has a propeller unit powered by independent hydraulic motors.


HTS Direct, LLC’s GIA-Series Mini Crane has a lifting capacity of up to 3 tons. It is a universal mini crane that is ideal for lifting awkward tools. It has a slewing boom that can reach up to 3.5 meters. An independent boom operated from a separate telescopic lifting system can be supplied upon request of the customer. This mini crane is easy to use since it has an anti-tilt device, hydraulically controlled maneuvers, and a dynamic braking system for self-control deceleration. It also includes stabilizers and a battery charger.


Last but not the least is the GB-Series Mini Crane, which can lift loads weighing up to 750kg. The GB-Series mini cranes are designed with a flawless handling performance and lightweight body, making transportation much easier. It can rotate in a full 360 degrees because of its four independent wheels attached on special bearings. This mini crane is very durable and requires low maintenance only. The length of the boom can be tailored according to the needs of the customer.


Everyone can get mini cranes from HTS Direct, LLC for a lower price since they are offering a 16% discount on all of their products for the whole month of March.

Aside from mini cranes, HTS Direct, LLC offer other products for handling huge loads. To see their complete product list, log on to their official website at

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