Minimum Price ICD Implant Procedure in India to Cure Treatment Heart Rates

If you are a victim of dangerous fast rates of the heart then an ICD implant procedure in India can provide you a sure way to get out of this trouble. This kind of disease is curable in India with an ICD implant at a minimal price.

ICD implant procedure in India is used to cure dangerously fast heart rates.  ICD implant surgery cost in India is very much affordable to the pockets of international patients, who come to India from destinations like Canada, USA and the UK. The full form of ICD is implantable cardioverter defibrillator. It is a device that is used to cure dangerously fast heart rates that occur in the lower chambers of the heart. An ICD system is similar to a pacemaker in functions. This device is implanted under the patient’s skin and is attached to one or more leads. It is placed well on the muscles of the heart. The ICD detects and delivers electric pulses as needed. ICD only monitors the heart without releasing any electrical energy.

The ICD detects both slow heart rates as well as fast heart rates. It offers electrical therapy to treat these rhythm disorders and restores the normal beats of the heart. ICD implant procedure is very often suggested for patients who have experienced the pain of ventricular fibrillation and heart attack. ICD is not an experimental technique and there are hundreds of thousands of people who now enjoy more normal and active lifestyles because of the implant. The first step in preparing for ICD implantation is to gather all information and know what is going to occur.    

Before the operation of ICD implantation you will not be permitted to eat or drink anything because you will be under the influence of general anesthesia. ICDs are implanted just beneath the skin in the upper chest after the part is shaved, scrubbed and painted with a disinfectant to cleanse it. You can know more about the ICD implant procedure from your doctor. He will tell you about the entire surgery and its post effects.

An ICD implant poses almost the same complications as seen in other implant surgeries. Only a few patients of ICD implants face risks the rest of them meet the procedure with great success. An ICD implant surgery is generally performed in an electrophysiology laboratory or an operating room. The patient will be strapped and placed for safety with arms secured at the sides. The chest is then cleaned and drapes are placed over the implant area.
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