Modern And Reliable Centrifuges, Now Available At Vetlab Supplies Ltd

Vetlab Supplies Ltd (, a supplier of veterinary supplies in the UK, is delighted to present their range of centrifuges essential for clinic and animal laboratory use.

Vetlab Supplies Ltd (, a supplier of veterinary supplies in the UK, is delighted to present their range of centrifuges essential for clinic and animal laboratory use.


Vetlab Supplies Ltd is a company that specialises in offering high-quality equipment and laboratory consumables. The company takes pride in giving clients expert and personal service through their variety of products. According to them, “Vetlab's expertise and unparalleled personal service ensure that your enquiry by phone, post or email will always be answered by experienced problem solvers responsive to your need for a timely, reliable and cost effective solution”.


To give interested parties an idea of what a centrifuge is, it’s a device that separates substances by rotating them at high speeds. With this device, samples are subjected to centrifugal force. Among the range of centrifuges that Vetlab Supplies Ltd offers include the MiniSpin Microcentrifuge Range, the Hawksley Centrifuge and the CombiSpin Veterinary Centrifuge.


The MiniSpin Microcentrifuge Range is a type of centrifuge designed for rotating small volumes of biological fluids at high speeds. Vetlab Supplies Ltd offers three variations of this device. They are the Next Generation MiniSpin, MiniSpin PLUS and the MiniSpin NG with 4-Place Black Tube Rotor. These types of centrifuges are ideal for microhaematocrit estimations and separating plasma from blood cells in whole blood samples.


Another type of centrifuge offered by the company would be the Hawksley 1400 Veterinary Centrifuges. The company has two variations of this device; they are the Dual Speed Vetspin 1400 Centrifuge and the Single Speed Haematospin 1400 Centrifuge. These types of centrifuges are used by veterinary clinics and laboratories to analyse and produce accurate results for urine and blood samples.


Lastly, the CombiSpin Veterinary Centrifuge is designed for rotating relatively small samples of biological fluids at speeds of up to 10,000 revolutions per minute. This device has several features that are useful for laboratories and clinics. Some of these features include automatic braking, automatic lid lock whenever the motor is running and a brushless motor for minimal noise.


Aside from centrifuges, Vetlab Supplies Ltd also supplies other tools like microscopes, diagnostic kits, small equipment and laboratory consumables.


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Vetlab Supplies Ltd is an independent veterinary supplies business that caters to research, teaching and diagnostic laboratories. The company was founded by Mike Fleming, a researcher from the Wellcome Veterinary Investigation Laboratory at Beckenham, UK. Vetlab Supplies Ltd was established with a commitment to provide affordable veterinary consumables, dependable diagnostic test kits and reliable veterinary equipment. Clients who wish to get in touch with the company can do so in various ways. First, is by filling out the contact form accessible via Next, would be by calling the phone number 01798 874567. Lastly, suggestions and inquiries can also be addressed via email through



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Apr 24, 2017