Montre Orient Automatique EM7K002B Hommes : Unique, Nifty, Utile

The Montre Orient Automatique EM7K002B Hommes presents a full monthly calendar at once and that too, within a finite space, which is the dial.

Futuristic or a freak-of-art?

The Montre Orient Automatique EM7K002B Hommes has its multi-year calendar feature as its prime USP that is either unheard of (to the majority); is rare to come across and something highly sought after by exotic watch collectors. Exotic, because it’s analogue; rare, because no other watch displays things in a format laid out the way it is on the dial of the Montre Orient Automatique EM7K002B Hommes.

How does it look and feel?

The Montre Orient Automatique EM7K002B Hommes isn’t a large watch. It has an average size (42mm across) with an average thickness (12mm approx.) and an average weight that assures you of its presence on the wrist; hence comfortable. The monthly calendar has been represented through symmetrical and unobtrusive, curved trapezoids (up and down) and the city names (for the world time function) along the periphery of the dial, within the chapter ring. It adds the needed dimension to a predominantly text-heavy design while the polished steel accents (in the form of hour-markers and the hands) add the necessary glitter to bring the necessary distraction, all covered by a domed sapphire crystal, which again is a rarity at this price range. The fully polished, stainless steel case and the linked bracelet with fold-over clasp mirror the same high quality of built, material and finish. Being designed to sport a similar lustre as Orient’s classic collection, it is going to gleam on the wrist for many years in the future.

What does it do and how?

The Montre Orient Automatique EM7K002B Hommes presents a full monthly calendar at once and that too, within a finite space, which is the dial. The full calendar shows the day, the date and the full month, all at one glance! It helps in finding out what day of what month was what date, both in advance and back. Backtracking date had never been easy with any other watch.

Apart from showing the regular time, the Orient 3 Étoiles EM7K002B Montre Homme also shows you the time in 24 different cities around the world, including the Greenwich Mean Time or GMT; thanks to its self-winding, 21-jewels, in-house Calibre: 46D-40 automatic movement that Orient developed so painstakingly, after years of research. No doubt it is quite a bit of a complicated movement, but it sure satisfies the itch of the lovers of complications.


That aside, the Orient M-Force Automatique Calendrier World Time EM7K002B Montre Homme is also a good choice for the person looking to purchase their first automatic at a fabulous and compelling price to feature ratio that’s different from all other automatic watches available in the market.

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Jun 07, 2017