Mosquitaire World’s Most Effective And Eco-Friendly Tiger Mosquito Trap

The Asian tiger mosquitoes are the main source of several diseases like Chikungunya fever, dengue fever, Yellow fever, etc. To prevent such diseases, buy Mosquito Trap that catches Tiger mosquitoes.

The Asian tiger mosquito, also known as Stegomyia albopicta or Aedes albopictus – is a kind of large mosquito that’s recognized easily by its unique tiger like stripes. Though the mosquito species is indigenous to Southeast Asia, but in the recent years, it has invaded approximately every other tropical province of the globe. Tiger mosquitoes are quite furious pests because of their hardy nature and temperament to nourish throughout the day. Because they are an epidemiologically crucial transmitter for the transmission of several hazardous viral pathogens – Yellow fever virus, West Nile virus, dengue fever, St. Louis encephalitis, Chikungunya fever, and also many parasitic nematodes, encompassing Dirofilaria immitis(Dog Worm) they need to be prevented to further spread their assault.

Sometimes mosquito repellents mayn’t work for you, as they’re only likely to repel these mosquitoes for a few hours. It is a wise move to invest on a mosquito trap instead.

Our Mosquitaire trap catches more number of Tiger mosquitoes than any other trap available in the market and does so without the utilization of carbon dioxide. Compared to typical CO2 emitting traps, with Mosquitaire you’ll trap 4X more Tiger mosquitoes inside a given time period. Unlike most companies out there that sell mosquito traps with the same traditional technology used, we want to stay a step ahead of them in terms of the technology we use. Mosquitaire not just eliminates the deadly Tiger mosquitoes from the air, but totally break off their reproduction pattern. We really feel proud to develop a device that limits the ability of Tiger mosquitoes to breed fast enough to prolong their local population. They simply cannot produce adequate offspring to substitute the volume that are being trapped into our Mosquitaire trap.

Mosquitaire is also quite efficient when it comes to eco-friendliness. The device is so effective for people who’re sensitive to chemicals or care for the environment and can be installed easily at desired location in or our side of your residence. Unlike other mosquito traps out there, Mosquitaire releases no harmful gas as we use only safe & environment-friendly gases that are discovered on human skin.

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Being the premier name in the mosquito prevention industry, we offer Mosquitaire -the world’s most effective mosquito trap. Our mosquito trap is the perfect option for Tiger mosquito prevention. For more information about our mosquito trap and related accessories, visit


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Jun 08, 2017