Most Powerful Teams of La Liga Season 2014-15

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There are lots of changes in La Liga Season 2014-15 during summer transfer season. Therefore, the most powerful team of the upcoming season is still yet to decide.

It will be the most challenging and difficult question for anyone if you ask which team will be going to win the La Liga title in 2014-15 seasons. If you ask some the same question in 2010 or 2012, the answer was very easy to give. The Barcelona and Messi supporters would say Barcelona and other people would say Real Madrid or Cristiano Ronaldo’s team. But, the competition of the title for La Liga Standings has become most interesting and challenging because of Athletic Madrid and Valencia who have been improving day by day. In fact, Athletic Madrid was the winner of the title of La Liga in 2013-14 seasons too!

The previous season La Liga standings table may be a good option to predict something for the next season. But, the prediction will be easier for the people if the rising star of the Brazilian player who is playing for Spain, Diego Costa move to Chelsea or Manchester United in the upcoming transfer season. Therefore, Athletic Madrid may be fallen from the list of the favorite of the winner for the next season.

On the other hand, Real Madrid’s silly mistakes and injury problem of the key player like Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale made the team on the 3rd position of the league standings. However, the next season will be great for both of the players with some new signing may be Luis Suarez as well as good defenders.

At the same time, Barcelona will also come with the full strength with Messi, Pedro and Neymar. However, you may not satisfy with the playing of Neymar if you have watch out the La Liga match previews too! But, Neymar was suffering from some of the leg injury during the season and it will be a good come back for the team and god reflect on the La Liga match result of Barcelona. On the other hand, the experienced mid fielder Fabrigecs may be not signing for the contract and Manchester United and Arsenal has good interest on the player too!

However, we still do not know about the La Liga match previews for the next seasons as well as the La Liga match results for the next season. But, we can hope that our favorite team should win the La Liga title and become the best team ever. For that reason, wait for the next season and you will simply know the La Liga standings that will largely depend on the transfer season and Brazil World Cup 2014.



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Jul 18, 2014

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