Mould Handling Equipment Available At HTS Direct Limited

HTS Direct Limited can even make a customised mould handling equipment in case a client is having hard time searching for a suitable product to address their needs.

HTS Direct Limited ( is thrilled to inform everyone that they have mould handling equipment for sale.

HTS Direct Limited has two excellent designs of mould handling equipment available: the Minidrel S-Series and the Transidrel Series.

The Minidrel S-Series can handle loads that weight up to 15,000 kg. Its patented kinematic system makes this equipment highly versatile. It has a 100% payload and working radius that can be calibrated according to the height over columns, the size of moulds, and the type of press. The Minidrel S-Series is also equipped with a telescopic boom that can be changed in traversal and frontal positions. Because it has hydraulically controlled batteries, this tool can be used for a long time and will not break down easily.

The other design, the Transidrel Series, has a handling capacity of up to 50,000 kg. It is the only kind of mould handling equipment with side or frontal dual movement. It has self-levelling wheels and synchronised advance hydraulic pushers, allowing it to steer up to 180 degrees. In order for the users to control it much easier, the manoeuvres of the Transidrel Series can be adjusted, such as the speed and breaking system. Because this equipment has a lightweight body, the floor will never receive excessive strains. The Transidrel Series can be bought in steered-wheel or rail-mounted versions.


These mould handling equipment can make any operation easy to accomplish, no matter how limited the space or how heavy the mould is. Furthermore, these tools have wireless remote controls so that it can be utilised even at a distance, giving a safe and convenient experience to the users.


HTS Direct Limited can even make a customised mould handling equipment in case a client is having hard time searching for a suitable product to address their needs. According to them, “Special requirements which are not covered by the standard program of HTS require the design and development of special solutions. Personally, and thus close to our customers we develop for you the whole of your tailor made solutions”.


Aside from mould handling equipment, HTS Direct Limited has other moving items available, such as hydraulic jacks, moving skates, mini cranes, and a lot more. To see their complete product list, log on to their official website at


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Apr 10, 2017