Moving Into a Home in Chicago That Needs Hardwood Floor Repair?

A number of older homes for sale in Chicago have hardwood floors that need repair. This may be common because sellers don’t want to take time or spend the money to get the work done. They will sell the homes in “as in” condition.

It’s common for them to place throw rugs over the problems. You may be able to get a better price when floors are damaged or need refinishing.

Don’t let this bother you if the home you want needs some work. There are companies in the area that do superior flooring work and it comes with solid warranties. Contact one of them to assess the type of work to be done before you move in. It’s a good time to sand and change the stain color before you settle into the home. This way the floors are sure to be completely dry and you won’t have to smell the stain and finish while it dries. You can have a new hardwood floor in your new Chicago home after the repair work is done. 

5 Reasons to Repair and Restore Hardwood Floors Install of Replacing Them

Ripping up and replacing hardwood floors can be a very expensive process. In general it’s better to repair and restore them and it takes less time to do the project. Here’s why:

?Tearing up the floor is a waste of precious wood, time, and money

?Damaged wood can be repaired and replaced

?Floors can be sanded down to make them more even and flat

?Once sanded, the wood can be stained to any color of your choice

?Newer wood may not match the grain or character of the old floor

This is the way to go. The only exception is if the floor is simply beyond repair and restoration. There may be excessive water damage or a buckled floor that is a disaster. Note that this is not common and spending the time to repair and restore your hardwood floors is worth it.

One Flooring Service Stand Out Among All the Rest In the Chicago Area

Classic Floors Chicago is the leading flooring service in the Chicago land area. Their 16 years of installing and making floors look new again has taken local residents by storm. The quality of service and craftsmanship is beyond question. Their work with laminate flooring is equal to their hardwood flooring service in the Chicago area. Place one call – that’s all!

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Jun 29, 2017