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Merus Are Leading The Way In Eco-Friendly Sailing Technology

Traditionally ships have been seen as one of the most environmentally friendly forms of transportation. Whilst this is the case, especially when compared to planes and trains, it does not mean that ships at sea deliver an optimal eco-friendly performance level. Merus are one of the leading companies proudly retrofitting tankers, bulker and container ships to reach better levels of energy efficiency and reducing pollution caused.

Presently there are many innovative and exciting developments in building environmentally friendly ships. These include solar panels to drive engines and new hull design to maximise the power of the wind. These new technological developments are, however, too costly to implement on existing ships and can only be applied to newly constructed ones. To improve the environmentally friendly an energy efficient performance of the 70,000 cargo and container ships currently at sea retrofitted solutions are required. The technology Merus brings to ships dramatically improves the efficiency of vital on-board equipment.

The Merus Ring technology serves to reduce and remove the level of fouling, scaling and corrosion caused by using sea water. Whether a ship uses seawater to create drinking water, or as part of a cooling system or heat exchanger, the damage caused by it leads to frequent downtime for maintenance and can cause significant levels of pollution. The solution offered by Merus is chemical free, meaning no pollution is generated or created as a consequence of using it. The system has a proud track record of success in reducing damage to equipment on ships, preserving valuable resources and reducing downtime.

The facts and figures from using the Merus Ring reflect a significant environmental and energy efficiency improvement. Whereas each case is different, figures also show an overall operational cost saving of between 10% and 30% made by ships using the Merus Ring. The technology is cited by those in the industry as being as cost effective as it is successful in enhancing water treatment.

The Merus technology is applied to other industries and water treatment facilities, but it is in the marine sector where the impact is presently most visible. The Merus Ring technology is empowering shipping companies to be more environmentally friendly and to deliver increasingly better performance.

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The company meet the demand in the water treatment industry for the technology behind the Merus Ring. For nearly 20 years the company has met this demand, providing sustainable water treatment support and equipment which is both energy efficient and envi

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Aug 27, 2014