My Toilet Spares Explains Why Low Level Toilet Cisterns Are Useful

My Toilet Spares, a leading supplier of toilet and bathroom accessories explains the various advantages of low level cisterns. According to the company these cisterns are not just attractive by nature but also very flexible in terms of installation.

A low-level toilet cistern is one where the toilet pan and cistern are connected via a short flush tube, so that the cistern lies just above & behind the pan. They’re a very renowned kind of toilet for use in homes and for good reasons. Here is why:

Easily substitute your existing toilet:

If you have to substitute your existing toilet just because it don’t suit your decoration any longer, it’s old, or it’s damaged somehow, it should not be a tedious task. You can replace easily it with a new low-level toilet cistern. Since the cistern attached to the pan via a short tube, you have the choice to replace only the cistern, or substitute both the bowl and cistern without worrying about advancing the existing plumbing system.

Can be concealed easily:

Another advantage of low-level cistern is that they’re incredibly easy to hide. You will be able to conceal the cistern in the wall so that all that you notice are the flush button & the toilet pan itself. Low-level cisterns are ideal for hiding as the short flush tube that attaches the pan and the cistern, enabling you to detach them slightly.

Are attractive:

low-level cisterns are incredibly appealing in the bathroom. They’re perfect if you wish a bit more classy, period detail in your bathroom. Furthermore, you don’t need to concern regarding the connecting flush tube being unappealing either as they’re usually color coordinated with the cistern.

Can be positioned exactly where you want:

Low-level cisterns are an ideal choice for your detached toilet as you’ve a great deal of flexibility in where & how you put the toilet pan. You can put it at a comfortable distance away from the wall as the flush tube gives you some liberty in the distance amid the cistern & the pan itself. You can even put then in corners if it suits you.

About the company:

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Jan 04, 2017