Nanophotonic Equipment Market Buoyed by Improvements in Medical Optics Due to R&D

Nanophotonics technology has gained popularity among the major tech giants over the last decade due to its technological advancements.

The Nanophotonic Equipment Market deals with the development, manufacture and distribution of nanomaterial for various nanophotonics applications like nanoelectronics, medical optics, etc. Nanophotonics can defined as observing the behavior and interaction of light at the scale of nanometer.

In nanophotonics, the Nanophotonic Equipment Market has witnessed the influence of nanophotonics research expanding to have to an impact on a wide variety of fields like information technology, medical care, consumer electronics, etc.

The latest advances in nanophotonics research has enabled the development of products which are more energy-efficient than ever before. The Nanophotonic Equipment Market has developed technology to such an extent that nanophotonics applications provide various benefits like minimal product size, superior functionality & performance, faster transmission of data and extended battery life.

Scope & Regional Forecast of the Nanophotonic Equipment Market

The Nanophotonic Equipment Market expects nanotechnology to penetrate the electronics industry further. Nanophotonics research has allowed a restructuring of electrical components at a fundamental level. This is set to increase the consumer electronic dependence on nanomaterial as well as nanophotonics in the future. High expenditure on nanoelectronics R&D has progressed at a rapid pace in industries like healthcare, automotive, semiconductors, etc., as well.

The Nanophotonic Equipment Market has also witnessed an escalation in the partnership between nanotechnology manufacturers and research institutions for various mutual benefits like scientific advances, exploring new applications and making the most of synergy. With no single player being dominant, the Nanophotonic Equipment Market is set to be fuelled by various R&D investments as the development of the technology keeps progressing.

So far, the Nanophotonic Equipment Market has been dominated by the Asia-Pacific region due to the presence of huge LED & OLED manufacturing hubs. Production hubs for semiconductors and electronics have also been located here to make the most of relatively low labor & raw material costs.

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Segmentations & Key Players Involved in the Nanophotonic Equipment Market

According to IndustryARC findings, the Nanophotonic Equipment Market can be broken down into various segmentations on the basis of –

Equipment Type: LED (High Beam LED, Flashing LED, UV LED, Alphanumeric LED), OLED (AMOLED, PMOLED), NFO, PV Cells (Silicon PV Cells, Mono-Crystalline Silicon, Poly-Crystalline Silicon, Amorphous-Silicon, Ribbon Silicon, Gallium Arsenide PV Cells), Optical Components (Optical Amplifiers, Optical Switches), Holographic System & Others.

Material: Quantum Dots, Nanoribbons, Nanotubes, Plasmonics and Photonic Crystals.

Application: LED (Signs & Indicators, Automotives, Traffic Signals, Designs & Decoration, Lighting, Artificial Photosynthesis, UV Curing, Air & Water Purification and Counterfeit Detection), OLED (Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Telecom, Entertainment, Healthcare), NFO, PV Cells, Optical Amplifiers, Optical Switches and HDSS.

Some of the key players involved in the Nanophotonic Equipment Market according to IndustryARC are as follows:

·         Universal Display Corporation

·         STMicroelectronics

·         MPhase Technologies

·         Cambridge Display Corporation

·         Nanonics Imaging

·         Olympus Imaging Corporation

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Nanophotonics technology has gained popularity among the major tech giants over the last decade due to its technological advancements.

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