Need a Hardwood Floor for Your Church or School Gym?

If your church group or school is constructing a new building and needs a hardwood gym floor, there are a few considerations to think about. One is the type or species of wood to use and another is the resilience of the floor.

Buy premium hardwood for your floor and you will never be sorry. Cheaper, less durable wood is easier on the budget, but it will need to be refinished or replaced sooner than you might think. Beautiful maple or beech plank flooring or one of these as engineered wood are the choices of many churches and schools for these uses:



?Yoga & Exercise


?Band Practice


?Meals & Banquets

?General Activities

Your organization will no doubt use the floor for many other purposes. You want a floor that will withstand all of the foot traffic, tables, booths, and equipment used on it. Things will be dropped and dent the floor and other objects will be moved that will scratch and mar. Liquids will be spilled and might cause damage. Sports floors need a little give to protect players from falls. A hardwood floor is a great choice for a multi-use facility. 



Hardwood Floor Installation in Chicago Gyms Requires Much Skill


Let’s face it – a hardwood floor installation job in a Chicago gym is a difficult task. Amateurs are not cut out for this type of work. The under floor must be properly prepped. A gym floor is a very large area to lay out correctly. A small mistake in the beginning may result in an unacceptable job in the end. 


Some of the professional skills needed for gym floors include:

?Know how to estimate the amount of flooring needed

?Ability to prepare the sub-floor or underlayment

?Advising the client on flooring material

?How to start the installation correctly

?Keeping the flooring in a straight line

?Best way to snap the boards together

?How to keep the floor down

?Making the floor level and flat

?Skills in finishing the floor

?Knowing how to correct your mistakes

Use a flooring service that has the experience and skills to master the job. Anything less would yield disappointment. Make the investment in your hardwood floor installation project in Chicago worth the money. 


Installing Hardwood Floors Is the Bread and Butter of This Company


Classic Floors Chicago is the leading gym floor installer and refinisher in the Chicago area. Your church or school will have a perfect floor when you let their technicians do the work. Why are they so good? Consider their qualifications:

?Sixteen years of professional, award winning experience 

?Staff trained by the best in the industry

?Ability to give sound advice on materials and installation

?Use state-of-the-art equipment and tools

?Are reliable and respectful of your and your property

?Clean up the job afterwards so you won’t have to

?Modify their schedule to work around yours

?Provide a flooring warranty that rivals the best in the industry

What more could you want in a hardwood flooring service? This company has it all. In addition, management will stick to the work schedule once deadlines are established. You won’t have to wait for technicians to show up or experience them leaving work undone by leaving early. All flooring services are guaranteed to meet your specifications and standards for hardwood floors.




Hardwood Floor Installation Cost You Can Afford


There are several factors that go into hardwood floor installation cost. The leaders of your organization can confer with the wood supplier and the floor installers to arrive at a figure that meets your budget. Typical costs include:

?Species and amount of wood

?The underlayment or foundation

?Labor to install

?Type and durability of finish

?Paint lines

?Annual maintenance

?Any other customized services

Once finished you will have a beautiful and durable product to please your participants. The hardwood floor installation cost should be within your organization’s reach.

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May 25, 2017