Need Cash Now and A Pension At Retirement help you to arrange a loan and you repay it at retirement from the proceeds of your UK pension.

19, September 2014 : So the question is can I really have my cake and eat it?
The simple answer is YES! What do I have to do? Be sure that you are a UK pension holder with a current value of over £30,000.The most direct way to find out more is to complete the form on .From here we will call you within 24 hours to provide more detail and discuss your options.

How Much Can I have?
The straight answer is 20% which to most people is sufficient to deal with the pressing financial need.

How long will it take?
We have known cases complete in as little as 4 weeks.

Speed of transaction is very important to us because we understand that everyone is looking to solve, fix or manage a pressing financial commitment.

You must remember that your circumstances are unique to you and that all parties in any financial transaction directly influence completion times.

Want to know more now?
Firstly you have to keep your pension fully invested.

The method requires that you or more accurately your advisor still fully invests and manages your pension responsibly in an asset or assets that are allowable under the current regime.

So the great news is that it does mean having a suitable investment that offers you the prospect of an ever increasing retirement fund when you’re going to need it most, at retirement.

This is not, neither is it intended to be an illegal pension loan under 55 products or advertisement.


Do not at any time make or break the HMRC rules that are there to help guide and protect you. The trouble begins when you need to achieve something unrealistic and will potentially break rules to get there. Pension backed loans is one such arrangement that you should scrutinise if you are ever exploring the possibility. Be aware that pension backed loans U and overseas alternatives using QROPS can be equally as precarious.

Do always take advice from a suitably qualified individual especially when making important financial decisions.

Get guidance on how to find an advisor by visiting Alternatively you may find a financial advisor using

Give me a summary!
So in short you plan to have your cake and eat it, but be sensible in your approach.

As long as you’re sensible, we believe we can help you have your income in retirement and your needed cash now!

If you’re looking to raise capital and wanting to responsibly manage your pension through to retirement then visit and complete the simple form now.

Products or Services help you to arrange a loan and you repay it at retirement from the proceeds of your UK pension.

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Sep 19, 2014

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