Neosyn Laboratories Inc-A highly professional and advanced chemical distribution laboratory.

We offer hundreds of the purest forms of PCB's, Dioxins, and various other precursors with a precise human touch for accuracy. Visit to view our various catalogs.

Neosyn Inc. manufactures, synthesis and purifies organic chemicals for laboratory use.Recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of high purity organic chemicals, Neosyn Inc. distributes over 300 types of chemicals across different segments. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, the US based company manufactures everything from dioxins, PCB’s, pharmaceutical precursors to other important chemicals and compounds. 

Owned by Anousch Torosyan, Neosyn Laboratories Inc. also specializes in the synthesis and purification of organic chemicals. With a full service synthesis laboratory on board, the company is highly renowned for its unquestionable dedication towards small scale preparation of pharmaceutical compounds. With intensive drug metabolites, research and custom synthesis of new products according to specific industry standards, the online/offline resource is truly ‘Your Direct Source of Custom Synthesis’, as the company puts it. 

Offering its services from a semi-micro to bench scale, Neosyn Inc. is world renowned for its unmatched products and services. With chemicals like Pharmaceutical precursors, Dioxins, Aromatic hydrocarbons and PCBs offered on its online/offline store, the custom chemical manufacturer has the potential to fulfill almost all chemical related needs of every laboratory. With about 209 PCB’s or Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls available for customers at one place, the need to visit other online/offline stores completely vanishes. Additionally the Dioxins and Pharmaceutical Precursors collection embraces some major chemicals that are high in demand. Owned and presided by Anousch Torosyan, Neosyn Laboratories Inc. is known for its high level of purity. Strict adherence to pure analytical reference standards allows the company to distribute chemicals that are both 98%-99% pure as well as eco-friendly.  

Besides, pharmaceutical pre-cursors offered by them are 95% pure. Being an established company in the field of chemical manufacturing and distribution, Neosyn Inc. also holds itself responsible for the right use of its chemicals by its customers. And has therefore issued important instructions, ‘Limitation of Use’ on its site. Known to deliver chemicals intended for laboratory research use only, the company is strictly against their use in the form of drugs, cosmetics, food additives, household chemicals, cleaning agents, or agricultural compounds. Besides, the company does not claim their presence on the Toxic Substance Control Act or TSCA inventory.  

The company also warns their use by a novice as it might prove fatal, only individuals trained in laboratory procedures are advised to handle them. No one should interpret the absence of hazard warning as a safety sign. Its only liability is limited to replacement of products or refund of buyer’s amount. The buyer is entitled to pay a certain amount if he/she fails to claim the parcel within thirty days from the date of delivery. 

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Neosyn Inc. is a 25 year strong chemical distribution and testing facility focused on delivering exact measurement, standards, and a 99.9% purity level. Over 209 PCB's professionally handled as well as many more Dioxins and other pharmaceutical precurso

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Jun 06, 2015