New Athletic WearBrand, Lexi Miller, Gives Female Cyclists a Cutting Edge

Bringing fashionable options to athleticwear, Lexi Miller createscute cycling apparel for women.

Lexi Miller is a new cycling- athletic wearcreated specifically for women, design, fashion, and fit made for the female cyclist.Existing cycling clothinglinesare largely created with a hodge-podge of brand logos and unsightly color schemesoften based on a single fit and body type (male dominated). Produced in San Francisco, Lexi Miller is made with the highest quality textiles, created with unique style,functionality and fit features. The line will introduce six initial styles and is available purchase at range from $50-200.


Lexi Miller aims to elevate cycling apparel with quality fabric sourced from Italy, Switzerland, and France and sophisticated construction that satisfies fit, functionality, and now fashion. The clothing utilizes high quality fabrics that allow breathability, stretch recovery, and pilling resistance. Lexi Miller accentuates the functional aspects of a garment and eliminates the negative ones, balancing aesthetics and athleticism. The tailored pieces provide a feminine, yet sporty design for women who love fashion and have a passion for cycling.The line is not just another variation of bright colors, obnoxious patterns, and ill-fitting spandex;it is strong, fashionable clothing for strong, fashionable women.With respect to both body type and size, the clothes fit and flatter the body without sacrificing function, inspiring and empowering women to achieve top athletic performance.As an example, the design of the ‘Little Black Short’ eliminates the need for an elastic waistband, which is usually too restrictive and uncomfortable, by creating variations in the spandex material around the waist and calf to allow for a secure and cycling-oriented fit.

“Lexi Miller is athletic, sophisticated, and discerning about design and fashion,”explains founder and cyclist enthusiast Alexis Ring. “Where I hadn’t originally set out to design an athletic line, the opportunity was less a business incentive, but a very realistic solution that female cyclists haven’t had when looking for cute cycling apparel for women.”Ringfound herselfconstantly searching for decent women’s cycling clothes – “anything more than decent just simply did not existamong the flowery, fuchsia mess that saturated the market.”Lexi Miller reflects Ring’s desire forcycling attire that’swell-made and beautifully crafted.

Lexi Miller focuses on the anatomy of design for each of its pieces, providing femininity and durability. “It only makes sense that the anatomy of our clothes should reflect the anatomy of our bodies. The best designers are experts in harmonizing shapes and lines to create whole designs, not just general one-size-fits-most-forms, enhanced with excessive printing.” Unlike other brands that limit you to small through extra-large sizing options, Lexi Miller provides a 2-12 size rangeto ensure an accurate fit for cute cycling apparel for women. “No woman wants to buy an extra-large item off the rack; this was an important differentiator for us as to how we acknowledge women’s body types.”Not only do the design elements serve an aesthetic purpose, it also has practical utility.Lexi Miller providesattractive and functional, quality alternatives to traditional women’s athletic wear. 

Lexi Miller Features:



1.      Larger pockets. Existing options offer minimal and small pockets.


2.       Waist and calf bands are a variation of the clothing’s fabric, traditional elastic bands are too restrictive


3.       Sized range from 2-12 not the standard small through extra-large.


4.      The design of all apparel caters to different kinds of body types.


5.      Design increases athletic performance by moving with the body while providing maximum comfortability.




About Lexi Miller

Lexi Miller, created by cyclist Alexis Ring, is a cycling apparel company based in San Francisco, CA.Customers are served online through The product line speaks to women who love fashion and have a passion for cycling and want cute cycling apparel for women. Lexi Miller aims to fill the void in quality and aesthetically appealing women’s cycling clothes. The company guarantees cycling apparel that can stand up to your hard work with durable pieces unlike any other on the market. For more on Alexis Ring’s vision and design thought process, visit her blog at


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Lexi Miller is a sophisticated, athletic apparel designer, discerning about design and fashion. Focusing on the “Four F’s” - Function, Fit, Fashion and Femininity, she brings uniquely designed women’s cycling apparel for sale.

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Aug 02, 2017