New Product Release, CLAYA V-1325 500W Fiber CNC Laser Cutting Machine

IDMLASER CLAYA V-1325 500W Fiber CNC Laser Cutting Machine is an economical CNC laser cutting machine.

In this season, SteelTailor is proud to introduce CLAYA V-1325 fiber CNC laser cutting machine to global market, an economical 500W fiber laser cutting machine, a machine that leads you to witness the future for fine definition cutting.

The future for fine definition cutting must be cost-effective, which is featured by CLAYA V-1325 laser cutting machine. Its new laser generator, low cost for maintenance, no requirement for extra gas and lower power consumption make this fiber laser cutting machine popular in cutting carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized plate and other sheet metals.

The future for fine definition cutting must be user-friendly, which is the core design idea for CLAYA V-1325 CNC laser cutting machine. Its small size and light weight bring the convenience to transportation. Its semiconductor modular and redundant design make this CLAYA V-1325 laser CNC cutting machine stable. Besides, Operators can easily master the key processing procedures.

The future for fine definition cutting must be possessed by following advantages, which are the major features that CLAYA V 1325 CNC fiber laser cutting machine enjoys.

1. Specialized laser generator with high efficiency

2. High-precision Z axis height control

3. Highly-stable machine tool

4. Optical system with preview function

5. Heavy-load design

6. Red light indicator

From now on, every SteelTailor dealer has this opportunity to extend the product line with a powerful fiber laser cutting machine. It will be a harvest season, SteelTailor CLAYA V-1325 laser CNC cutting machine will not fail to your trust.

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Nov 06, 2015