Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas Offers Sauna Heaters for Commercial & Barrel Saunas

Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas manufactures and supplies the finest outdoor barrel saunas and indoor sauna kits, including sauna heaters for commercial and barrel sauna applications.

Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas is a premier manufacturer and supplier of indoor sauna kits and outdoor barrel saunas. Each and every sauna product is handcrafted using the finest standard Western Red Cedar. Their expert engineers use only the finest components like the clear Grade a western red cedar, stainless steel straps and fasteners, offering electric, wood fired and hybrid sauna heating options. Currently, its hybrid sauna heating systems are the most popular products as they combine traditional sauna heating technology with infrared technology. With a great selection of sauna heaters, Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas has everything to best suit client’s sauna rooms including barrel and commercial saunas.

Being a well-known name in the sauna industry, Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas has supplied sauna heating systems to professional sports teams like Winnipeg Jets and small closet size heaters for one to two person saunas. Clients will be supplied with optional digital controllers in the electric sauna or they can use a standard sauna heater with a built-in mechanical timer. All of the sauna heating systems manufactured in Northern America mostly use the finest material like surgical stainless steel. Upon purchasing Northern Lights electric sauna heating systems, clients will be provided with a limited lifetime warranty - which is considered to be the longest in the industry. Rest assured that, all of its electric and infrared sauna heaters are UL and SA certified. However, their wood fired ones are designed for outdoor sauna rooms like barrel saunas. Hence, they can be installed away from the primary dwelling.

“We have three different sauna heating methods, like electric, infrared and wood fired. Each type has its own advantages. We provide hybrid sauna heaters - combining infrared and electric sauna heating technology. No matter whether you choose a wet or steam saunas, we use our stainless steel. When it comes to choosing our sauna heater, it’s important to know the perfect size for the proper sauna room cubic feet. If you want to obtain the cubic feet, you just multiply the length, breadth, and height of a space. Choose a sauna heater -designed to heat the perfect size of the room. Even you can check out our sizing chart to know the perfect sizing details. For more help with the purchase of our sauna heaters, installation guidelines please visit our website right now”, says a spokesperson of Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas.

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Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas is a trustworthy supplier of indoor sauna kits and outdoor barrel saunas using Canadian western red cedar. All of the sauna kits are designed in such a way to deliver easy installation, operation, and maintenance, saving you money and time in the long run. For more details about its sauna kits and sauna heaters, browse the website at

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Aug 29, 2017