Now Accept PARTIAL ORDER AS WELL using Walmart Marketplace Integration app by Cedcommerce.

Now control your order cancellation. If some of the items consisting an order are of out-of-stock, then turning on this feature will help you accept those orders as well

Portland, Oregon – (May 31, 2017) – Now online sellers no longer will be deprived from order if they don’t have the enough inventory of one or many of the items consisting of an order. Earlier if either one of the item that constituted the order was out-of-stock the whole order was cancelled.


Partial order can be understood as the orders received by the online sellers where the order is accepted  even if they don’t have the inventories for all the items (or, some of the items of an order are out-of-stock) that makes an offer. This enables online sellers to receive more orders compared to earlier times.

Feature Explanation:


This features helps online sellers in two conditions:

1. When the online sellers have run out of the inventory

2. or, If the SKU for the products are different at Walmart and their online stores 

  (in this also, as the two SKU’s are different the order is not accepted for those items)


The extension is available for range of frameworks and can be downloaded from their official stores. Available extensions at the respective framework app stores are – Shopify (, Bigcommerce (, 3dCart(, and other framework extensions can be accessed from Cedcommerce website (


About Cedcommerce:


Established in 2010, Cedcommerce offers multichannel sales extensions for 12+ frameworks for more than 20+ marketplaces among which Walmart, eBay, Newegg, Amazon and Jet are core products. Recently, the company became the official channel walmart integration partner enabling hundreds of sellers successfully sell at Walmart.


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May 31, 2017