Oaxray Offers To Pick The Best Amazon Products, Deals & More From Millions Of Websites

Amazon sellers can choose the best selling products on Amazon, compare prices for a product on different websites, and pick the best deals using Oaxray

Virginia Beach, VA ( prnob.com ) May 29, 2017  -  Oaxray is a Google Chrome browser extension tool that makes selling on Amazon easy. The company offers users access to more than four hundred websites helping sellers find profitable products.

“You don’t have to visit sites looking for great deals and bargains individually. The Oaxray extension does the job. Users have to just visit one of our supported sites and wait for our software to turn individual search pages into detailed scouting reports within seconds. We’ll tell you product prices, sales ranking, net profit, and Amazon FBA fees for the page,” explains a spokesperson for the website. This helps the seller eliminate slow selling and low margin products and pick good deals.

Users can compare the price of a single product from hundreds of online stores. They can factor in customized costs and discounts to analyze and make quick buying decisions.

The Oaxray database includes millions of products that are categorized and cross-indexed to some popular stores. Users not only get to choose worthy products, but Oaxray also shows which items are profitable to resell and those that are not. It gives users the tools to pick good deals within their budget. “If you’re due some compensation for FBA products that Amazon didn’t deliver, we’ll identify these items for you using the Refund X-ray tool. You can also join in to test the Retail X-Ray tool to find profitable inventory in your local area. It’s free for now,” adds the spokesperson.

About Oaxray:

Oaxray is a Google Chrome browser extension tool that makes selling on Amazon easy. It helps users find products and deals from hundreds of websites in less than a minute. The software was created by Tedric Paulk and Todd Noren-Hentz, both Amazon sellers with a combined experience of more than two decades.

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Oaxray is a Google Chrome extension that can be used on all your favorite retailer websites.

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May 28, 2017