OMRHome Launches a New Version of Verificare 4.4.1 the OMR Software

OMR Home has launched a new version of Verificare 4.4.1, that is an ultimate blend of new features with advanced functionality.

OMR Home now develops an extra-edge to its pioneer OMR software, Verificare. The company has launched a new version of Verificare 4.4.1, that is an ultimate blend of new features with advanced functionality. Our highly innovative technical professionals have bought this software to provide a streamlined access and a hassle-free user interface.


The new software is free from the dependency to traditional printing press; you can use a normal printer ranging from flatbed/ ADF/ MFP, etc. It will incorporate a vivid range of papers, to print OMR sheets considering example to the widely used A5, A3, A4 etc. are compatible with this software series. The software will provide support to colored and black-and-white prints that is channelized in accordance to the user requirements.


This version of OMR Software is designed to offer advanced reporting tools. You can easily track ranks, section-wise, subject-wise reports which zero loophole.  The generated reports can be saved to excel format, which can be used for further forefront analysis of the database.


Verificare now brings to you the concept of confidence factor, using which you can pre-define the range to identify the region of maximum to minimum darkness. You can select the reading modes that are either an auto or a manual mode that can read up to a considerable angle of deviation. The user can also predefine major entities like name, roll no., etc. in order to have swift report generation while calculating the results. This version can also freeze and unfreeze the OMR sheet section, considering an example; if you require to freeze the design OMR sheets for synchronous printing output. 


It also facilitates the feature to review of sheets as per the user requirement to analyze answer and question wise detailed reports. The partial marking scheme can easily be applied to the response OMR sheets, incorporating which the user can predefine the marking pattern for such questions and corresponding scores would be allocated accordingly.


It provides brilliant security to the added documents. The SMS can be sent in the form of pre-designed templates with any of the service provider. However, the user can also attach OMRread fields in order to facilitate transparency at the receiver’s end. 


Verificare 4.4.1 version brings to you an add-on feature of test analytics. It helps in creating detailed reports.  You can verify reports in graphical and tabular formats. The reports can be analyzed section wise, question wise, subject wise, and computation of toppers, etc. instantaneously. 


Now, when you are planning to make the best choice of an OMR software, OMR Home brings to the Verificare version 4.4.1 a premium combination power, precision and performance.

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Dec 16, 2016