One of the Most Colorful Activities Including Skydiving Adventure in California

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Skydiving Southern California is about for especially those containing a degree of high adventure. And it's not a fad but a growing aspiration trend. But this, besides being a sociological indicator, also represents a new and different opportunity very interesting commercial exploitation. There is already a public increasingly numerous people, between 16 and 45 years, they need to feel alive, enjoying their free time to disconnect from their routines, making it more than just a hobby. And those brands who wish to tune them know that one of the best ways is to be present at your leisure capturing their attention when it is most receptive.

The skydiving is one of the most colorful activities including adventure. Aerial images strongly impact both among practitioners as witness these activities. From Skydive Elsinore, Southern California's do all kinds of aerial activities related to freefall and skydiving amateur or highly professional. We do it directly through our school and our Skydiving Center; or indirectly, through collaboration with leading companies in organizing events and adventure activities, or the spectacular displays of our team of champions.

Start with any of our training programs to prepare and get the title that allows you to jump to yourself. We have advanced training packages that contain everything you need to get your degree and venture into the sport of skydiving.

You can never repeat "first jump" and what it felt, the excitement, the adrenaline, the feeling of absolute peace and freedom ... but what if you will, is to revive it whenever you want and share with all your friends and family. There is the option of a jumper jump in tandem camera and make a video reportage and / or photos from around the jump. During training, the kit, boarding, flight inside the plane, all the time in freefall and during your parachute tandem landing where you can record your emotions and feelings after the jump.

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Apr 25, 2015

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