Only 20 Minutes of Powerful Guided Meditation Can Unblock Your Creative Power

Daytona Beach , Florida ( July 26, 2017 ) - Laura Ellis CPLT , a mind - body healing specialist has created ground - breaking products and healing modalities of comprehensive mind - body healing for all women, especially women of ages 35 years plus.

Laura Ellis CPLT brings together a variety of techniques and products drawn from her personal transformational experience to help whole populations learn how to overcome all challenges and heal themselves. She offers these services and products from her home office , websites and global reach Skype treatments.

Mind and body are connected although many treat them as separate. In the same way that stress can release hormones , chemicals and change our breathing , even our muscle tension , so can many other new thoughts and emotions help to defuse fears , overcome self - doubts , with hypnosis and  direct access to the subconscious mind to unblock your creative power and achieve your greater dreams in life. " said Laura Ellis CPLT founder and CEO of Transtions Liaison Global.

Here is what one of Laura Ellis 's recent clients has to say about the immediate effectiveness of this treatment program . " I had a great Skype hypnosis healing session again with Laura yesterday . I felt such relief , for the first time ina long while ( maybe in my life ) I felt such compassion towards myself. I am excited that I know how this feels now and want more of this feeling , liberating myself of worries and my inner dialogs.  A whole new relationship with my true self ! " states Zuz S. 

Laura Ellis CPLT is a mind - body healing specialist implementing her techniques for trnasforming old false beliefs taken into the subconscious before the very yound age of 10. She is certified as a Past - Life Regression Therapist from the respected AHA , Author and creator of various powerful programs. She offers her clients lasting positive life changes through her Past - Life Regression Therapy , Hypnosis , Spiritual Development and Transformational Relationship Counsel .

Laura experienced a near death experience in 2009 and defyed the secular prognosis's as she remained bedridden for months after being thrown off the back of a motorcyle traveling at a rate of speed at 45 miles per hour . Today she stands tall and proud without a shred of evidence from that fateful day. She know the power of mind ! More coming in her newest book to be released sometime next year .


Her various  healing products and ebooks can be found and purchased on her product website @

Visit her website for more information and to see what her clients have to say about her !

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Mind - Body healing specialist Laura Ellis CPLT offering ground breaking healing modalities and products for individuals who truly desire positive changes to transform their lives.

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Jul 29, 2017