Ontario Women to Get Abortion Pills Free Of Cost Starting 10th August

Ontario government has declared that it will support women to have more control over their bodies by distributing abortion pills free of cost to all women in the province.

The Ontario government declared its’ support for women in the state and says that it is committed to give women more choice over their reproductive choice by funding the cost of Mifegymiso, otherwise known as the home abortion kit, starting on 10th August.

Mifegymiso is a kit, which helps women terminate pregnancies that are within 49 days of gestation with medications. The kit contains two medications, namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which are to be taken consecutively in two-three days.

The kit was approved in the July 2015 after an extensive study by the government health ministry. Now, progressively, it is becoming available for distribution in the country since then.

 Ontario government pledges for free abortion pill distribution

The provincial government pledged this spring to publicly fund the medication however; it hadn’t indicated when it would take place or other details until now. Status of women minister announced on 3rd August [Thursday] that women with a valid health card as well as a prescription from a healthcare professional will be able to get abortion pills free of charge at pharmacies that will carry it starting from 10th August.

At least 150 healthcare providers will be able to prescribe abortive medications, as they have completed the required training offered the OB-GYN community of Canada, as per health ministry. Pharmacists will bill the ministry $337.25 for the medication, which includes mark-up as well as dispensing fees.

The Ontario government commented that making the pill freely available will give women more autonomy in regards to their reproductive health, it will remove the financial barrier, making it more accessible, especially for women in remote or rural areas. This way anyone of any background can buy abortion pills freely.

The Status of women minister opined that funding of Mifegymiso means that women all over Ontario can have a fair and equal access to safe abortion without payment, judgement or exception.

Meanwhile a renowned pro-choice organizations’ executive director applauded the governments’ actions and commented that in all 60 countries, for nearly three decades, Mifegymiso has been a safe and accessible option for abortion, provincial funding for a reliable medical abortion is therefore the right decision.

Pro-Life groups oppose the move

A Pro-Life organization, on the other hand, which is opposed to abortion, reacted the opposite way, calling the move disappointing by the Ontario government. 

The group had previously fought back the introduction of the medication in Canada but ultimately was unsuccessful in lobbying its’ efforts. The chief executive of the group commented that they will now focus on “educating” women to not take the drug.

Meanwhile, Alberta and New Brunswick will also cover Mifegymiso, the Quebec government has commented that it has plans to do the same in this fall.

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Aug 08, 2017