Overcoming The Rising Costs Of Funerals In The United Kingdom Today

UK Memorial Service are dedicated to ensuring dignified, enduring memorials are accessible and affordable to all

The average cost of a funeral in the UK during 2015 has been revealed as being £3,700. This is a 6% increase on the figure given for 2014. To place a sense of perspective on this figure, the percentage increase is the same as has been experienced in the property market, with house prices rising by 6% since last year. Whilst the increase in property prices is often spoke about with concern, even in some cases as being a crisis, the rising costs of funerals in the UK does not generate quite as many headlines. UK Memorial Service believe that more focus needs to be placed on the situation. It is difficult not to agree with this as, funerals and burials, just as is the case with housing, is an essential and indelible part of life for everyone.

A major area of concern is that the average cost is not standard and subject to only minor variations across the nation. Depending on where the funeral and burial take place in the UK, the cost can be either 20% higher or lower than that average figure. Whilst there are some unavoidable and understandable reasons why certain costs are higher in places - usually related to the pressures of space limitations - there are certain matters which should have a level costing across the nation. UK Memorial Service believe that this should always be the case in respect of headstones, gravestones and other forms of memorial.

When a loved one is lost, whether a family member, partner or friend, the bereaved should not be weighed down with overwhelming or unfair costs being imposed on them at their time of grieving. It is through their commitment to this value that UK Memorial Service ensure that their memorials are priced in a universal way. The pricing of their headstones, kerb sets and ledger memorials, as well as fitting and placement, remain the same no matter where across the nation the final resting place is. The assurance of consistent, honest and fair costing for a memorial is of great value to those who need all the support possible as they grieve.

The lower, supportive cost of headstones created by UK Memorial Service belies the quality imbued in their work. Only the finest of masons, all accredited and members of both BRAMM and NAMM, work at their purpose built premises in Essex, using only the finest grades of marble and granite to create fitting forms of memorials from. UK Memorial Service create memorials which meet the rules and regulations of burial sites across the country, with the deign focusing on ensuring they require low to no maintenance over the years.

UK Memorial Service have dedicated their services to being as supportive as possible in the face of rising funeral costs. Over the course of more than forty years of service, then have become the most trusted name for dignified, lasting memorials in the UK.

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UK Memorial Service are the leading name nationally for providing headstones of distinction. They also offer fitting and installation, and comply with the rules and regulations of burial sites across the UK

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Nov 02, 2015