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Pacific Bedrock is a company, which has earned an unparalleled recognition in the manufacturing of lightweight stone panels.

As a result of the innovative technology and tools, the variety of materials used in the construction and renovation of buildings has increased and come in much better form than ever before. This has sparked the interest of a lot of homeowners to opt for different types of natural stones to install into a variety of projects. Fiberglass honeycomb panels are just one of the several available options and one leading lightweight stone panel company, Pacific Bedrock is at the cutting-edge of the manufacturing as well as distribution.


Pacific Bedrock is a company, which has earned an unparalleled recognition in the manufacturing of lightweight stone panels. With its manufacturing plant in Foshan City, China, the company came into being a decade ago and is now a premier natural stone specialist. This also directs to the fact to having some installations done in a number of inspiring and prominent projects.


‘Here at Pacific Bedrock, we are delighted to learn the fact that our natural lightweight stone panels have changed the setting of a variety of projects and are being appreciated widely by a maximum number of our existing clients. We typically deal in the manufacturing and supply of different types of aluminum, granite sandstone, fiberglass, porcelain etc. and these and this has led us to be chosen by our clients for some prominent installations,’ said the company’s spokesperson ‘We think it just goes to show the magnetism of these extraordinary looking stones.’


Pacific Bedrock is truly enjoying gigantic success for their extraordinary variety of natural lightweight stone panels. Their stone panels are used in a wide range of structures and pep up the environment spectacularly. The company is still making the best of its efforts to improve the customer’s experience through their quality products and services.


If you would like to learn more about the company and how the use of thin onyx and other natural stones could help transform your project then please visit Pacific Bedrock website for more details at

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Jun 13, 2016

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