Pangea’s SignShare™ Delivers Retail Signage Solutions that Reduce Costs and Boost In-Store

Pangea developed the proprietary shelf sign program to help businesses maximize their impact in stores and save on labor costs.

[Los Angeles, 12/08/2016] – Retail signage determines whether products linger on the shelf or require constant restocking.Pangea knows exactly what will capture customer attention so businesses achieve the latter result. With the introduction of SignShare™, the company offers a simplified, effective and innovative approach to display advertising.

A Seamless Extension of Marketing Departments

The company talks about the power of timely messaging, “In your store, retail signage is the most effective way to inspire a purchase. As customers hurry through the aisles with more than shopping lists on their minds, full-color signs catch their eye and speak directly to them. The timing is perfect. Relevant to local merchandising displays.”

Pangea, which has worked with grocers, retailers and wholesalers for over 10 years, saysthey made SignShare™ for the unanticipated.

Pangea has a deep understanding of managing the logistics of constantly changing signage. Eleventh-hour promotions tend to force businesses to rush through design and printing, from signs to tags, which waste costs and labor. SignShare™ enables Pangea todistribute kits easily to thousands of retailers across the country every week. The proprietary sign solution provides the following:

• Unlimited creative and variable data templates;

• Last-minute promotional support with new template;

• Fast response to competitive situations, and

• High-quality, effective promotional signs and tags.

The Cost-Effective Way

With Pangea’s SignShare™, businesses eliminate the guessing game from determining the appropriate size, quantity and content for every promotional campaign. The Web-enabled program also facilitates a cohesive branding across enterprise, priority openings and weekly promotional requirements.

The company explains SignShare™can accommodate controls, workflows and operational infrastructure of different businesses.

“With our hosted SignShare™ solution,” Pangea begins to say,“users get credential-based access to quickly order accurate shelf labels, custom display signs, and other printed material in sizes and quantities based on the information pre-loaded into the system by your headquarters. Pangea then prints beautiful, customized sign kits for every store in your organization overnight and sends them out the next day. On time, consistent, accurate and ready to hang — every week.”

With SignShare™, Pangea keeps the process simple and ensures remarkable impact that generate sales for businesses.

About Pangea

Pangea develops tailored, Web-enabled software solutions that manage in-store marketing promotions for various industries. The company’s products work seamlessly for groceries, retailers, drug stores, and convenience stores and gas stations, among other industries. In addition to SignShare™, Pangea also offers MarketShare, Tags and Custom Solutions. Pangea has been in the business since 2002, and has corporate and production centers in Los Angeles and Memphis.

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Pangea is a strategic outsource provider that develops fully customized, web-enabled software solutions to manage in store marketing communication for various wholesaler and retailer industries.

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Dec 08, 2016