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The 27th Hong Kong Printing and Packaging Fair opened on 27th April 2016, with its main products being Point of Sale Displays, represented by Cardboard Counter Displays, Cardboard Floor Displays, Cardboard Pallet Displays, Cardboard Display Boxes

The 27th Hong Kong Printing and Packaging Fair opened on 27th April 2016, with its main products being Point of Sale Displays, represented by Cardboard Counter Displays, Cardboard Floor Displays, Cardboard Pallet Displays, Cardboard Display Boxes, Forex Board Display Stands, Acrylic Displays and other products. Parkway Display Products Limited with its prestigious reputation in the field of packaging and displays made its debut at the exhibition. 

“In previous years, we have participated in the Hong Kong Gift Fair, this year we will be participating for the first time in the Hong Kong Printing and Packaging Fair that is held at the same time. Compared to the large scale exhibition area and huge number of visitors at the Gift Fair, the Printing and Packaging Fair has a more professional exhibition content and audience, and is more in line with our company’s professional orientation.” The company’s business representative, Mr. Vincent Ho said, in an interview with a reporter from the Chinese printing and packaging website, at the “Media Breakfast” event organized by the organizer.

As an integrated, professional, manufacturer with planning, design, printing, packaging and marketing at its core, Parkway Display mainly focuses on providing integrated services of packaging and display for customers’ products to be displayed in retail stores. They provide packaging, displays, printing, production, transportation, warehousing and other services in the packaging industry. First established with its factory in 2006, in just ten short years, Parkway Display has become the industry leader in the Chinese Point of Sale Display industry; its export figures are among the best in the industry with annual exports amounting to more than 100 million RMB.

Vincent Ho said?“At the moment, the company is focusing mainly on overseas orders, and Australia, Europe, the United States and other international regions account for most of our business, but the company is also actively exploring the domestic market.”

It is reported that during the 10 years life of the company, Parkway Display has completed tens of thousands of successful projects with domestic and export manufacturers, trading companies and foreign brand importers. It has helped a large number of customers to successfully promote products and enter into Costco, Wal-Mart, Tesco, Home Depot and other world-renowned stores. They have provided Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Disney, Shiseido, Olay, Ferrero, Lancôme, Chanel and other international brands with more than 1000 varieties of in-store displays and packaging. 

So, what are the competitive advantages that have enabled Parkway Display to stand out amongst its peers? Vincent Ho believes that?“According to customer’s actual needs for promotion, budgets, expected goals, etc., Parkway Display can build an integrated solution that is tailored to match all the customers’ requirements whilst being simple and easy to assemble. In addition, apart from ensuring the superior quality of the product, we can also shorten our production cycle to 8-10 working days.”

In fact, the effective control of the production cycle has benefitted from the investment in Parkway Display’s printing and packaging production plant. According to Vincent, Parkway Display currently has a very well equipped, 9600sqm, Acrylic Display and Cardboard Display production and manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, in the independent industrial zone factory area, with a strong design team and skilled craftsmen. After receiving customer instructions, Parkway Display can carry out the one-stop process of planning, designing, printing, packaging, warehousing and other processes in its own factory area, hence, achieving controllability over, and standardizing of, the entire order process. 

“Parkway Display’s development concept is to help more products from corporations to enter into sales outlets in the global market, by enhancing the core competitiveness of their products and giving more added value to the products and thus expanding market shares.” Vincent Ho indicated.

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Jul 26, 2016

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