PI Attorneys Can Be There When Things Go Wrong in Fort Lauderdale

Accidents happen to everyone, and each one is different. Sometimes, it could’ve been prevented, but there are no serious injuries. Other times, it was completely unavoidable, and victims could be permanently disabled.

Any time you’re involved in an accident with serious injuries in Fort Lauderdale, always talk to PI attorneys. We’re familiar with all the factors that go into personal injury cases.

PI attorneys work with victims of auto accidents, medical malpractice, and more every day. Sometimes, lawyers address routine problems like one driver running a red light. Other cases of negligence could be more severe. Lawsuits have been filed against doctors who leave sponges inside patients during surgery. Sometimes, lawyers also have the job of protecting more vulnerable classes.

Not all injuries are purposeful or committed with malice. Many times, negligence has nothing to do with the intent of the party at fault. It’s more related to inaction or inattention. 

Why Do Clients in Fort Lauderdale Need PI Attorneys?

You won’t need personal injury lawyers for every slip and fall or auto accident. If you suspect you’ve been a victim of medical malpractice, always call a lawyer to discuss your options. A medical malpractice claim can take years to process. You need an expert to do the research and go through all the right steps. On the other hand, if you fall at work, you should always check to see if your company has a workers compensation fund.


If you have significant injuries from a recent accident outside of work, call lawyers early on. You can look at your case and see if it could be considered negligence. You can schedule free consultations with many lawyers to discuss your case. Then you can decide if you’re ready to spend more time and money on the process. Personal injury lawyers often charge on a contingency basis. So you don’t pay until you get a settlement or judgment in court. This also means lawyers most likely won’t take your case unless it’s winnable.

How Much Can PI Attorneys Get Out of a Case?

Each case has to be fully assessed on its own merit. Sometimes, an auto insurance company will offer you a settlement that meets their obligations. Personal injury lawyers can look at the numbers and compare what they’ve offered to what you should expect. Lawyers can also adjust for the legal fees you pay. This way, you know how much more you could expect to make by involving legal professionals.

Some cases may have strong evidence proving negligence. If you don’t have significant medical bills or time off work, you wouldn’t be entitled to a large settlement. If the evidence for negligence is strong enough with severe injuries, some settlements go into the millions. This is based on measurable losses and injuries. It also depends on how experienced your lawyer is. If they miss even small details like prior injuries that could be related to your current case, you could reduce your settlement.

From auto accident cases to wrongful death, each case follows certain rules. The courts assess your case based on different factors. The laws are determined partly by the state you’re suing in. Medical malpractice lawsuits and those involving wrongful death are often more drawn out. In a wrongful death suit, lawyers have to assess the value of the person’s life. Sometimes, soft values like pain and suffering are also included in personal injury and wrongful death suits.

Find PI Attorneys You Can Trust with Your Case

When you’re ready to file a personal injury case, always call the Florida Injury Lawyers. We can help you review your case and decide if you need personal injury attorneys. We have decades of experience in personal injury cases like yours. We know how to assess your case quickly to see if it’s worth fighting. Then we can do the work to ensure you get everything you deserve for your case. We explore all the facts before starting the process. Then you can make an informed decision about moving forward. To schedule your consultation with personal injury lawyers you can trust with your case, click here.

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