Plantation Shutters Are Fashioned from a Variety of Appealing Timbers

These shutters are interior based shutters that go over the windows.

If you are looking for a design that provides the perfect blend of sophistication and style, along with the ability to control light and shade, plantation shutters will definitely peak your interest. It does not matter what your personal material preference is, plantation shutters are fashioned from a variety of appealing timbers.

It is important to note, plantation shutters are also referred to frequently as plantation blinds. These shutters are interior based shutters that go over the windows. They typically have wide based louvers, between 3 ½” to 4 ½” wide.

These shutters are considered one of the most popular shutter types across the United States and Europe. Unlike thin louvered shutters, the wide louver provides an elegant, upscale appearance. They are the perfect option for family rooms and kitchens because it is important for you to control the light versus shade in these areas. As far as popularity, white seems to be the first choice for most people. However, there are those who prefer wood grains and stained shutters too.

Overall, plantation shutters are made created using three material types:

1.    Vinyl
2.    Composite
3.    Wood

If you are looking for wood shutters, regardless of your color preference, you will love reading the following.
Why are they Called Plantation Shutters?

These shutters are referred to as Louvre Shutters Orange because they are directly influenced by classic colonial design. They blend beautifully with the decor of a townhouse, or an old country cottage. They work with the design of any room in the house, so you can keep the design fluid throughout your home.

Plantation shutters come in a large variety of colors, and you can easily match your existing decor. Many companies offer custom coloring so you can choose the exact color to suit your needs.

All Timber is Sourced Ethically

The wide variety of timber options allow companies to source materials ethically and ensure that specific wood species are not over farmed. All wood is chosen for its warp resistance, and the resistance it has to twisting and shrinking.

All of the timber is cured to ensure that it does not shrink after the Fixed Canopy Awnings is installed.

Attractive Finishes, Perfect Decor

Not only is the timber carefully sourced, it is properly finished as well. The attractive finish allows it to easily blend into your ideal decor and makes your home feel warm and welcoming.

To add to the visual appeal of the timber and finish, it is guaranteed to be lightweight, strong, and very stable. They can be custom designed to fit the size of any window, including round, arched, and even triangular windows.

What is the Most Popular Type of Timber?

As we said before, plantation shutters are fashioned from a variety of appealing timbers. However, there are a few types of timber more popular than others, for obvious reasons. The four most popular timber types are:

1.    White Teak
2.    Eco-Wood
3.    Bathroom
4.    Basswood

These woods are typically chosen because they are lightweight, easy to stain, and extremely durable under normal use.

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