Plantation Shutters Provide The Timeless Beauty At Low Maintenance

Plantation shutters on the other hand, cover the full window top to bottom and side to side.

Plantation shutters were invented to be functional. Add modern day design and making techniques and you have plantation shutters that are not only functional but also provide timeless beauty at low maintenance.

Well designed Plantation Shutters add a huge appeal to your home and your décor – interior and exterior. They provide curb appeal, add as much privacy control as required, add a layer of insulation against excess heat, provide a way to control natural light entering your home and add that “wow” factor to your exterior and interior décor. They are also easily wiped clean and are therefore low maintenance – no laundry bills.

Curb Appeal – get that amazing look.

Walk through your neighbourhood and notice homes with and without shutters. You will agree that homes with shutters especially plantation shutters look much better than homes without shutters. In fact, did you know that shutters can be financed along with your home purchase? Banks permit you to include shutters because they are considered a great value addition to the home. Also, homes with shutters rent out faster or sell faster than homes without shutters.

Control your privacy
While blinds and shutters function similarly, they are not the same. A blind usually does not cover the window 100% and also, unless locked at both ends, a blind will tend to sway in the breeze. The narrow gaps they create are a breach of your privacy. Plantation shutters on the other hand, cover the full window top to bottom and side to side. They are fixed and do not sway in the wind.

When the slats of the shutter is closed, it cuts off view into your room. There is not way someone standing outside can peep into your room. Your privacy is total. Also, plantation shutters can be made in a variety of styles e.g. split-top shutters wherein one half can be opened while the other half remains closed. In fact, shutters can be custom made to be as functional as you want them to be. Design and function possibilities are only limited by the abilities of your carpenter.

Save on electricity

Keep the slats of the shutter half closed and it prevents direct sunlight from entering the room while allowing indirect light to provide sufficient brightness so that the room is not in darkness. This keeps the hot sunlight out and your cooling bills down. Similarly during winter, keeping the louvres of the shutter closed prevents loss of heat through the windows. Also, shutters being made of wood, they have far better insulation properties compared to blinds and curtains. Plantation Shutters Oakleigh will keep the cold winds and cold temperature out while keeping you warm and cosy inside and you end up saving on your heating bill.

Value for money

Curtains, blinds etc. are considered 'personal' because they are impacted by personal tastes and preferences and so while they may add beauty they do not add value to the home. Plantation Shutters Clayton on the other hand, have less to do with personal tastes and more to do with matching overall ecstatics and décor of the home. The timeless beauty that plantation shutters add is therefore transferred along with the home to the next person or family that occupies it.

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Sep 07, 2016